Data Drain – Episode 12 (Super Mario Bros THE MOVIE)

There are times when dedication is a bit to much. There are also times when a person must gather their friends and watch a movie together, over skype, and youtube. Then there is crazy. Yeah, so we watched a movie about a couple of plumbers that go to a alternate dimension and save the world from fusing with its past present self or something. Honestly I was probably better off watching the Spanish dub of this movie.

Data Drain Episode 12
Starring – Shannon, Stewart, Jason, EthanRun Time – 00:50:42

You know the routine at this point where I just type the same stuff here that I say at the end of the episode. You can find everyone on this episode in the Facebook group. There is a Twitter account to follow. I think there is a YouTube channel or something. Oh you can also email episode topics or request to be a guest for a future episode by emailing DataDrain@nintendo-okie.com

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