Rumor: Pegi Possibly Leaked Minecraft On Wii U


When looking up games and gaming in general, you’ll be hard pressed to find a store, site, or general geek-culture place that has no Minecraft or Minecraft inspired games and content. Minecraft is always in the top 20 most watched games on Twitch, it’s the most watched game on YouTube, and it’s one of the few games that really helped to create a new genre. Countless games have since been created with a similar visual style and even more with that style gameplay.

There’s no denying that the game is incredibly popular, which is why its lack of a presence on Nintendo products is quite disappointing for many gamers. This is understandable as the game is on most other devices and the developers aren’t exactly sure why it’s not on Wii U either. Well their may be hope for Minecraft on a Nintendo platform.

According to an alleged leak from a Pegi listing that was screen capped and shared on NeoGAF, it appears that Minecraft could be coming out on Wii U tomorrow. Whether or not this is accurate, who knows, however we’ll soon find out. Nintendo’s newest Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow.

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