2015 Year in Review

Ethan’s Top 10 Games Of 2015

I don’t know how many Neptunia games released this year but not a single one made my list. Not because I have too many to pick from or the possibility of them being bad, but because I’m never going to have the time to play any of them. I can tell you that I played a lot of other games this year such as Persona 4 Dancing All Night or Rare Replay but those are not on my list either. Instead of reading my continued ramblings on this opening paragraph you should just skip to number 10 on my list. If you are still reading then let me tell you how I once defeated a ninja while using a tube of chapstick. It all started…


10) A Hideo Kojima Game (PS4)

As much as I love the Metal Gear series I found it very hard to rank this game any higher. I’m sure the original vision was much better but Konami had to interfere and dilute The Phantom Pain. It is entirely possible this game would still be in development well past the posting of this list if Konami had left Kojima alone. So why is a Metal Gear game ranked so low on my list? Because it was not a true Metal Gear experience. As much as I enjoyed the open world experience, I would rather infiltrate a large enemy base, have weird things happen that defy logic, have some codec conversations, and then fight the giant enemy robot.


9) Super Mario Maker (Wii U)

Probably the best use of the Wii U tablet ever. You make your own Super Mario levels, have friends play them, watch them fail, and laugh. This game is also a great reminder that I have no idea what I want in a Super Mario level. I usually end up making some horrible stage that lacks a proper flow but I enjoy seeing the levels others make.


8) Danganronpa Another Episode Ultra Despair Girls (PSVita)

While Ultra Despair Girls was a large change from the previous Danganronpa games it was great getting to see how characters from the first game were living. Seeing the game evolve from a visual novel into an over the shoulder shooter had me curious if it would live up to the previous games. I enjoyed reviewing Ultra Despair Girls and seeing how well the game played on my PSTV and would suggest it to anyone looking for games to play on the Vita or PSTV.


7) Monster Hunter 4 (3DS)

Of course I would have a Monster Hunter game on my list. There are few games I willingly participate in that involve online play and the Monster Hunter series earned a pass. I had so much fun playing this game with friends and collecting better gear as I progressed through the Hunter Ranks. The addition of Nintendo themed gear released monthly was great motivation to keep me playing until there were too many other games requiring my attention. I’m sure I’ll repeat the process again when the next one comes out.


6) Fallout 4 (PS4)

I will probably never finish this game as I have yet to finish Fallout 3 or the two most recent Elder Scrolls games but I enjoy the open world experience. Getting to run around gathering stuff to survive, fighting off raiders, and seeing a post apocalyptic future is just a great experience in video game form. Also I really want to try the Jones soda version of Nuka Cola Quantum.


5) Final Fantasy VII (PS4)

Not to be confused with the Remake. FFVII was recently ported to the Playstation 4 and I decided it would be a good opportunity to get a refresher on one of the most requested remakes ever. It is just as good as it was on the Playstation and I am even taking the chance to do everything I never managed to do before so that I will be ready when the Remake is out. Maybe I can find all the Materia this time and obtain the Platinum trophy.


4) Yakuza 5 (PS3)

So Micah imported this game like 43 times or something just to get Sega and Sony to notice a need for it to be localized. Here we are three years after the Japanese release and just now getting to play it in English. As of this writing the game has been out for 4 days and I have since put a lot of hours in and have hardly touched the story. One second I have Kiryu walking around town like a boss then suddenly I’m learning how to river fish, competing to see who can catch the most Tuna, to eating sushi. All this happened while Kiryu was walking to work! This game is just crazy on content and the story is even crazier.


3) Freedom Planet (Steam/Wii U)

I like Sonic The Hedgehog games and I really like the Sega Genesis era of Sonic games. When I heard that former Treasure people were working on a Sonic inspired game I had to get it. This game looks like it belongs in the 16-bit era and is fun to play. It is probably the closest we’ll get to what a Sonic game should be and I will gladly take more Freedom Planet if that is the case. If I could obtain a cartridge version of Freedom Planet that would work on my Sega Genesis I would gladly take it but for now I will enjoy the Steam and Wii U versions.


2) Undertale (Steam)

This charming game known as Undertale is very unique. It is an RPG where you can opt out of having to fight. That sounds crazy but you can find peaceful solutions to every situation and have a good time doing so. You can also go in and treat it like a normal RPG and attack everything that moves if you want. The story adjust to how you decide to play and the outcome has variations that will leave you wanting to play it again seeing what you can do differently. The characters you can encounter are great and I would honestly like to see more come from this game in the future maybe in the form of a series. Reading this sentence fills you with determination.


1) Bloodborne (PS4)

How does one improve on Dark Souls? You place the character in a Victorian era setting, take away shields, and make speed and dodging vital to success. Last year I placed Dark Soul 2 as my top game and it is no surprise I would pick a very similar game this year. Bloodborne started out as a different experience for me as I was reliant on using shields to deflect and absorb damage which are no longer an option in Bloodborne. After some time I figured out the best way to go about dodging around enemies and eventually found my own way of using brute force to get through most areas. I was in constant surprise as I progressed through the game and how I would eventually see a giant monster has been hanging on the side of the church I would take shelter in. I hope we get more Bloodborne games to expand on the world of the hunters and their prey.


…and thats how I saved Christmas, again.

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