2015 Year in Review

Matt Harmon’s Top 5 Games of 2015

Last year, well, at the end of 2014, we streamed Nintendo Okie Will’s Top 10 Games of 2014 ( https://youtu.be/clicrMCtoGU ).  That same year, Nintendo Okie Tony Miller joined our panel at Wizard World ( https://youtu.be/rq0N1m2yy0g ).  For 2015, the Nintendo Okie’s nobly invited us to submit our own list of Top Games of 2015, and here they are!

Our list spotlights demiurgic games that were created and shared by our Bonozo game development community, in 2015, that have truly inspired us, and those fortuitous enough to have played them.  They are all free to play, predominantly requiring no download so you can embellish the momentous experience in the luxury of your browser.  Just crazy fun, no strings!  

So without further ado, here is our list … Enjoy!

5) Left and Right by Syntasu

Bonozo’s own lead programmer, Syntasu, entered Ludum Dare 34 with his 9-level physics puzzle platformer.  It has the Super Mario Maker-esque twist of having to add anti-gravity, airflow and ladder gizmos to earn the bragger’s rights of surviving the journey to the illustrious lush green flag.  We throw down the gauntlet on conquering level 7!

Left and Right: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=65178


4) Shadow Walk and Apple Pick by Cybutek

The numero uno, Cybutek, Bonozo’s resident highbrow synthetic mastermind CTO, entered Ludum Dare 33 and 34 with these glistening gemstones.  

In Shadow Walk, you are an orphan daemon strolling to a Halloween party.  As per ghost lore, you cannot exist in the illuminous landscape and must circumvent the variety of hazardous lights of the suburbs.  Super duper cute and fun with it’s sui generis light-based gameplay.

Shadow Walk: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=56022


Don’t let Apple Pick’s childsplay graphic style hoodwink you, this game makes Dark Souls look like Barbie Dreamhouse Party.  Get picking, because to be considered worthy, we recommend you attain a score of at least 400…!

Apple Pick: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=56022



3.)  Shifter and Flink! by CHVelocity

We sneak peeked our user-interface guru and fellow game developer CHVelocity’s in-dev game “Shifter”!  The twist on this physics puzzle platformer is the ability to flip from person to ball on command.  Play it free in your browser now!  You can see us play it to in this video ( https://youtu.be/dxet41qPsJM )

Shifter: http://simenfjellstad.no/shifter/



His Android game is perfect for that private time in the smallest room of the house.  The objective is to connect all like squares by shuffling rows and columns.  Simple, right?  We highly recommend this mind-bending genuine puzzler!

Flink!: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=no.frozenapps.connect


2) Hostile World by FomeDome

FomeDome’s space shooter is just all out fun and satisfying.  The art is pix-licious, so power up and blast goopy baddies!  Play it free, right in your browser.  We play Hostile World in this video ( https://youtu.be/lqDHiaMk2k0 )!
Hostile World:  http://gamejolt.com/games/hostile-world/107399


1) One Way by Lokerman101

Drum roll please!!! … and our #1 pick for Game of The Year 2015, by the Bonozo Apps community, is our video-editor teenage prodigy Lokerman101’s first-place jam-winning One Way!  With charming art and non-stop rage-inducing levels, this story-driven platformer is all about saving your adorable dog.  Complete with 2 complete adventures and plenty of easter eggs, this is a must play, and is free, right in your browser.  The music jingles are just what ears crave, and they are also free for your auditory enjoyment.  You can also watch us play it, edited by Lokerman101 himself, in a hilarious short video!!! ( https://youtu.be/8ViGXj5rUyA )

One Way Trailer: https://youtu.be/rGCqfeFiS48
One Way Soundtrack: https://untergrond.bandcamp.com/album/one-way-soundtrack-vol-1
One Way Game: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/666293



Honorable Mention) Maintenance Day: A Halloween Short Story by Judy Dawn

Though not a game, this free short story on Amazon Prime proudly makes our list.  It’s Ghostbusters meets Twitch through Judy Dawn. Her extensive research of top streamer games and developers creates a future virtual world setting to behold.  Look out, ghosts exist online, in this fast-paced adventure through cyber suburbia against monster glitches and virtual leaf blowers!

Maintenance Day: A Halloween Short Story: http://www.amazon.com/Maintenance-Day-Halloween-Short-Story-ebook/dp/B017FVOM46/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451698573&sr=8-1&keywords=maintenance+day+judy+dawnwww.twitch.tv/judydawnOn


(Note: We recommend Firefox to be able to play the Unity plug-in versions of these games!)

Congratulations to all that made our list, and we look forward to what these lunatics will bring in 2016.  We stream all the developments live at http://twitch.tv/bonozoapps, hope to see you there.  Happy New Year everyone, from all of us at Bonozo Apps.  Goodbye!  

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  1. the fancy PS4 and other console games are nice, but sometimes it’s good to just get back to the basics, I love games like this. Thanks for this list, will be checking these out for sure

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