2015 Year in Review

Nintendo Okie’s 2016 Predictions

As time goes on and the games industry continues to change, it seems to get harder to predict what the near future will bring. Given that, it’s always fun to send this little time capsule of information to ourselves in the future; no matter how wrong we might be. I’m going to bury these right and we will come back to dig them up in a year. Meanwhile, I got to try to find last year’s article. I really should have drawn a map or something.

1. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will be released in North America.
2. The Gravity Rush Remastered collector’s edition will be sold in the US and I will finally get my Kat figma.
3. Micah and I will both buy a Project Diva Future Tone controller.
4. A new Kirby game will be a launch title for the NX.
5. Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6 will be announced for North America.kat figma

1. The Nintendo NX will cost £299 and worldwide release in October
2. Nintendo will launch a monthly retro subscription to play classic Nintendo games on your NX, Wii U, 3DS and smartphones
3. Mario will not be a launch title for the NX
4. Mighty No. 9 will not launch in 2016
5. FIFA 17 will launch

1. The new Zelda game will launch on both Wii U and NX (as a launch title)
2. NX will be unveiled as a home console/handheld hybrid at E3, with the handheld able to download NX games and take them on the move
3. The home console part of NX will be released by the end of the year, with the handheld to follow by E3 2017
4. Metroid: Federation Force will be revealed to be an elaborate hoax
5. Nintendo will announce another unprecedented partnership with EA. As a result, no EA games will release on Nintendo platforms in 2016mighty no 9

1. Nintendo NX will be a home and portable console hybrid.
2. The sequel to Red Dead Redemption will be unveiled by Rockstar.
3. Paid DLC will come out for Splatoon.
4. Super Mario Galaxy 3 will be a launch title for the NX
5. The next Call of Duty will return to World War 2

1. NX will launch this year, sometime late Summer. I think an August – September time frame. They want to build up a user base before the holidays this year.
2. My top 10 Games of the Year for 2016 could be dominated by games released between 2006 – 2014 for the PS3.
3. The Legend of Zelda will be a launch title for NX and will come out later for Wii U, much like Twilight Princess did for Wii and GameCube.
4. Microsoft will announce the sequel to Minecraft and it will be exclusive to Microsoft platforms.
5. Nintendo will announce a new entry in a franchise that did not appear on Wii or Wii U.

star citizen

1. NX will be revealed before March, maybe even as early as a late January event and will released later that year.
2. Sony will stop producing Vita’s for North America.
3. Microsoft and Nintendo will have more swaps of IP and possible collaborations.
4. Star Citizen’s full release will be delayed into 2017.
5. Nintendo’s new online and rewards service will launch before March.

1. The Wii U Zelda game will be announced to release on NX as well as the Wii U.
2. SMT X Fire Emblem will either get a release date or be officially canceled.
3. The first Nintendo mobile game will be met with a resounding, “meh” from Nintendo-Okie staff.
4. The NX is NOT a mobile/at-home cross system thing.
5. Micah will get another Vita TV.

1. SMT IV Final will be announced for North America
2. The rest of the Fire Emblem amiibos will get a reprint
3. We will get an official announcement and release date for the NX
4. Pokemon Z will be released
5. The Vita will still be awesome!!!

fire emblem amiibo

1. Next console Zelda will be delayed to 2017
2. Monster Hunter X will break the ‘every other’ cycle and actually get released in the U.S.
3. Mother 3 will be announced to come out for the 3DS eShop in the U.S. No physical release will be announced, Jason will be saddened and refuse to buy it.
4. Nintendo will announce a partnership with Square to make a new game. (Would love a Super Mario RPG 2.)
5. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be announced for a December/Holiday 2016 release at E3.

1. Kojima will show off his first game since leaving Konami.
2. I will finish Dark Souls 3 before Stewart, probably but not likely.
3. Tony will be the only member of the site to buy Final Fantasy XV before Persona 5.
4. Data Drain will find a way to get Wil Wheaton on the show.
5. Konami will turn the Metal Gear series into yearly shovelware.

persona 5 art

1. Yakuza Kiwami will be announced for the west.
2. Yakuza 6 will be announced for the west.
3. A new Animal Crossing game will be shown for the NX.
4. Retro Studios will finally reveal their new game.
5. The Zelda Wii U title will be a split-gen release.

1. NX will be revealed and have a very specific and focused message.
2. NX will have some type of compatibility with the new Nintendo 3DS.
3. Nintendo Accounts will be dated and fleshed out with the NX reveal.
4. Nintendo will not release a traditional version of it’s franchises on mobile devices.
5. We won’t hear anything about Metroid: Federation Force before E3 if even there.

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