2015 Year in Review

Izzy’s Top 10 Games of 2015

Final-Fantasy-X2015 has brought many games, which I have found to be amazing and exciting. Hand helds, console, and even PC games have all been amazing this year, in my opinion. Being a father of three kind of makes it hard to play certain games. Even so, I’ve managed to play some amazing games. Note that some of my picks didn’t really come out this year, but they are my favorite games that I have played so far this year.
10. Final Fantasy X/X2 (Vita) – I always been a fan of the story line of X. I dont consider myself to be fan of romance. But X does bring a refreshing twist to what i play. X2, to be doesn’t really compare to X, in my opinion.  I do, however, like the story for X2 and seeing how it came in a nice little bundle. How could you not want to get it.

Garden Warfare9. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (PS4) – Ok ok ok, not what i usually play. When i have a 7  year old who wants to play plants vs zombies. I have to go with this.  Basically take Modern Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies and they them in a blender. The end results is a cute and fun game that won’t get your wife mad at you for letting your son shoot people. Instead your either shooting plants or your shooting Zombies. I will admit that i ended up playing this more than my son.
Infamous Punch8. The InFamous Series (PS3 & PS4) – I know what you’re thinking. InFamous didn’t come out this year, and I have to say that may be true, but I do love the series and I play whenever I have time to kill. I mean honestly who doesn’t want to shoot lightning out of their hands or be able to use some different powers, I know I do.
Guilty Gear7. Guilty Gear Xrd (PS4) – The Great Ethan King had bestowed this gem to me. I have gained many blisters on my thumbs. Blisters of pure enjoyment. I have played Guilty Gear with Ethan many times and, to be honest, I never really thought about buying the game mainly because I am terrible at fighting games. When I received this amazing game I knew that one day, I will be more of a challenge. After my blisters goes away.
Dragonball Xenoverse.jpg6. DragonBall Xenoverse (PS4) – I have always been a fan of Dragonball and Dragonball Z, even as a little kid. I dreamed of being able to go Super Saiyan, use the Spirit Bomb, and even using the Kamehameha. So when this game came out I was like kid in a candy store. Being able to create your very own character and train under your favorite character, in my case Vegeta, was like a dream come true. I mean seriously, I can’t go super saiyan or do a kamehamaha, but it’s the closest I can get.
world-of-warcraft-logo5. World Of Warcraft (PC) – I have played many MMO-RPGs, but I always end up playing WoW. What I love about the games is the Lore. I Love reading all the quests, watching all the cut scenes, and, of course, the interaction with other players; guilds, friends who you meet through dungeons, or even making your wife play the game just so you can have a healer only to blow up in your face when you end up the healer. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I get bored when playing WoW, but everything tends to go away when you have friends and family who want to play with you.
Heroes of the Storm4. Heroes of the Storm (PC) – If you are into battling in an arena against other players then you have to try Heroes of the Storm; Blizzard, taking heroes from every game they have created like Diablo, Starcraft and yes even World of Warcraft. They let you choose your favorite heroes from each game. It just doesn’t end at heroes, even villains can be selected which, to be honest, I tend to want to be a bad guy once in a while. All in all, Heroes of the Storm does fill the void whenever I am bored and being able to keep in touch with your friends on other games in a definitely a plus.
Destiny3. Destiny (PS4) – I have always liked playing Halo, but I always ended up being extremely bored. When I heard the Bungie was making another game I was so excited. 3 classes, all with different unique playstyles. What more could I ask for. Still a first person shooter, but this guy doesn’t care. With the newest expansion, you get to wield a SWORD!!! With the help of my best friend Ethan I have manage to slice my way into awesomeness.
Metal Gear Rising2. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PS3) – Cyborgs. Ninjas. GIANT ROBOTS!!! What can i say, its a metal gear game.  I love every bit of it. Being able to throw a Metal Gear Ray and slicing its limbs is just a taste of what you can do in the game. Heck they got this guy hooked on this game that i ended up playing it from the start all over again just hearing a couple of friends talking about it. Love the story to the game like I do most RPGs, but I always tend to love the Metal Gear series a lot more than other games I play.
Monster Hunter 41. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) – Dragons and Monsters and Felines, oh my!  Where do I begin? MH4U is really just an all around amazing game. From being about to make your awesome looking armor to forging more powerful weapons. I can’t ask for a better game. I haven’t played my game very much due to reasons *cough* lazy *cough*, but I do have to say after making my armor, which makes me look like a gundam,  and Insect Glaive. Thats right, I got a bug on my arm. I really like how everything looks and feels on the 3DS. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to play more, so senpai notices me.

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