New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward Review (3DS)

What is New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward?

You, the player, received a key that leads into a whole new world. In that world, you are in charge of a clothing boutique. As a business, you must manage stock and inventory, supply and demand, and so forth. You’ll have customers wanting everything from lively and colorful to a cool bold to a sophisticated feminine outfit. With over 19,000 items available, from different designers and different taste, you can make just about any outfit you can think of. Inner wear, outer wear, trousers, skirts, dresses, and accessories of all sorts, the combination is endless.

As your boutique gets more popular with the more customers you satisfy, the world opens up even more. Go visit the flower garden or get a cup of tea from the café. Take a walk in the park or go to see a concert. Go to the hair salon and beautician for a new look. As your popularity goes up, the townsfolk will start to come to you for just more than a new outfit, they’ll want you to do their makeup and hair also.


Being popular just isn’t enough to be the fashion queen. You hold fashion shows at the arena with you, your friends, and locals. You choose the theme, their outfits, hair and makeup. It is your show showing the world what you’re capable of!

Now that you kinda know what the game is about, we can start the review.

New Style Boutique 2 is an otome business simulator developed by Syn Sophia and published by Nintendo. An “otome” game is a game that’s targeted toward a female audience. Despite having “2” in its name, it is actually the third game in its series. The Japanese title is Girls Mode 3: Kira Kira Code. The NA title of the series is Style Savvy, there is no official statement on release from Nintendo of America as of yet. The version being reviewed is the European release of the game.



The start of the game is a bit linear as it serves as the tutorial of the game. You start with a few customers with a limited selection of clothes in your inventory to choose from as they request an outfit or just a single article or cloth or accessory. The game takes you around the world giving you a nice description of each place you’ll be visiting. A new feature in this game is doing make-up and hair for the townsfolk at the beautician and hair salon respectively. Same as if they were to come into your boutique they’ll ask for your help in doing their hair and makeup. Some will come in having an idea of what they want done, some will let you do what you think is best. You will still get paid for your service of course. As you gain popularity with your customers, you’ll get to choose a new brand of clothes to be available for purchase. There are 16 female brand of clothes and 4 male brand of clothes (unlocks after credits). Each brand representing a different style.

So not only are you the owner of the hottest boutique, a make-up artist, and hair stylist, you’re also a model. The first few fashion shows you do are pre-determined theme-wised for “story” matter, but it does open up after the credits to allow you to decide what theme you want to do. You control what the stage looks like, the theme, and the outfits/make-up/hair that the other models will have. When not being a model on the runway, you can hit up the photo studio and take modeling contracts for advertisements or event posters that will appear all throughout town. You can also just take casual pictures for fun around town by yourself or with customers and friends in variety of poses.


A new feature in the series is designing your own clothes. It starts off rather simple but as you take contracts your selection to choose from starts to grow. Different type of clothing articles and patterns and textures so you can design your own line of clothes. You even get to design your own emblem for your new line of clothes.

A returning feature that’s expanded upon in NSB2, is interior decorating. Your grandmother left behind a magic doll house. In which however you decorate the rooms inside with miniature furnitures and decorations, will become a full size room in which the residents of the town can come visit or even rent out. It is a major StreetPass functionality for the game. Registering the room you created so you can share it with other players and vise versa. (I didn’t experience this because niche EU game in NA.)


With all of this, you are the owner of a boutique, a model, a beautician, a make-up artist, a designer, an interior decorator, and most of all a trendsetter. Share these moments with the world. Taking pictures and screenshots are as easy as pressing “Y” at any point in the game. Taking pictures also serves a purpose beside sharing what you’ve done with the world. It’s possibly one of the most important thing in the game. You start the game with a pretty basic pallet of colors, but showing your pictures to the NPC “Rainbow” she can pull color out of the pictures to be added to your pallet to use for hair color, make-up, and clothes design. I found myself taking picture at every instance a new event happens or when visiting different areas at different time of the day. You’ll find your photo album filling up with pictures you may not want but deleting unwanted pictures is as easy as selecting all the photos you don’t want and pressing delete.


In conclusion, New Style Boutique 2 is a fantastic game if you enjoy business simulators and/or just being fabulous and cute. If this entry in the series is like the previous entries before, I have barely scratch the surface on everything this game has to offer in my two weeks with this game. I look forward to playing much more of this game throughout the rest of the year to see what more it has to offer.

Also still hoping that Nintendo of America do localize this game for NA. Until then, Style Savvy: Trendsetter is a wonderful alternative available on the 3DS eShop for $39.99. There’s two different demos if you want to try it before you buy it.

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