Data Drain – Episode 16 (Star Fox)

There comes a time in every podcast when the topic of discussion is kind of hard to talk about. Star Fox is a topic that was a bit more complicated to talk about than I expected.

Data Drain – Episode 16 (Star Fox)
Starring – Shannon, Stewart, Jason, Ethan
Run Time – 00:35:31

You can find all the cool dudes form this episode in the Nintendo-Okie Facebook group. There is a Twitter account to follow if you can find it. There is a YouTube channel where Go Rounds are done and Jason and I have posted a few episode of a Robotrek LP. Be sure to leave us a rating on whatever thing you use to get the podcast through. Also listen to the Nintendo-Okie Podcast as well as the Nintendpals Podcast. Oh you can also email episode topics or request to be a guest for a future episode by emailing DataDrain@nintendo-okie.com

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