Fire Emblem Fates Sells Well In First Weekend

Fire Emblem Fates Birthright.jpg

Fire Emblem Fates has become the fastest selling launch title in the series in North America. Nintendo announced today that across both versions of the game currently available the title has sold a combined 300,000 units in the area. Birthright is the best selling of the two versions with Conquest close behind.

Previous to this Fire Emblem Awakening was the record holder, but this most recent game sold more than 5 times that title in the same amount of time. The series has come from virtual death with Awakening potentially being the last title in the series to one of the better selling franchises for Nintendo in the region.

Users who purchase one version of the game, whether digitally or through retail stores get a discount on the other title by purchasing it through the in-game store that becomes available after Chapter 6. Players who purchased the Collector’s Edition of the game have access to a third branch in the story, Revelation. Other players can begin playing that branch on March 10th by purchasing it for $19.99 through the in-game store.

If you want to add a little bit more to your game the map pack bundle is available for $17.99 and will give you access to 11 new maps and missions as they become available from now through April.

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