Data Drain – Episode 17 (Doughnuts)

Data Drain has returned with another awesome episode to treat your ears to. Once again we take a massive detour from games of the video kind and discuss sugar based doughs of the fried kind. We were also happy to have an excellent guest known as BC Phillips from the Retro Gamer Society and Super Bitcon! Be prepared for a awesome episode about doughnuts and whatever else we talked about.

Data Drain – Episode 17 (Doughnuts)
Starring:  BC Phillips, Shannon, Jason, Ethan
Run Time: 00:47:57

I highly recommend checking out the Super Bitcon! website or the Oklahoma Retro Gamer Society on Facebook both of which BC is heavily involved in. Also listen to the Nintendo-Okie Podcast as well as the Nintendpals Podcast. Oh you can also email episode topics or request to be a guest for a future episode by emailing DataDrain@nintendo-okie.com

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