Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Review

Around three and half years ago I joined a really awesome website that reviews games and has a podcast. The guys there talked about this game known as Mutant Mudds on occasion and referred to it as being hard to play as Mega Man. My curiosity got the better of me and I ended up grabbing my 3DS to find what Mutant Mudds was about. As soon as I saw the preview trailer I knew I had to do more than just beat this game, I had to be the very best like no one ever was. Since then Mutant Mudds has released on a number of consoles, steam, and iOS as well as being updated to Mutant Mudds Deluxe with additional harder stages for an unlockable character and ghost levels. As if Mutant Mudds was not hard enough Renegade Kid has released Mutant Mudds Super Challenge.

MMSC Screenshot 2016-03-19 14-41-23Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is not an update to an already great game but is a new experience. The story takes place following the events of the first game with Maxwell arriving in a jungle area infested with a lot of muddy enemies. Maxwell’s goal is to investigate the area that a meteor crashed and the caused of the invasion of the mudds. I highly suspect this is the same meteor from the first game as it was never seen outside of the opening scene. If you played the original game then you will be familiar with the controls as they are the same. For everyone else the basic controls are move, shoot, jump, hover, and boost jump if you have it equipped. Like the original game you will have five worlds consisting of four levels each. Each world has one stage that is a ghost type level to add more challenge and make you rethink any strategies you have been using prior.

MMSC Screenshot 2016-03-19 14-43-13Probably the most notable addition to Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is boss battles. There are five bosses in the entire game and each one is unique. The boss battles are kind of puzzle based where some solutions are more obvious than others. Once you figure out the strategy then vanquishing a muddy boss can leave you wishing there was a bit more to it. I had the most trouble with the first boss I encountered as it was not an experience I was accustomed to in this series. I found the best solution to all of the bosses was to see what they do, quit the level, equip the upgrade best suited for the situation, and win. I would like to see more boss battles in the future with more challenge to them because I think they were a great addition.

MMSC Screenshot 2016-03-19 14-44-39A few of the other new features include checkpoints now refill your health and reset your time to four minutes. Checkpoints were added in the Deluxe version update that made the game a bit easier. I played through the first game a few times before checkpoints were added and I am really glad they exist now. There is now a music room that will let you listen to any CDs you find in the game. Each stage has one hidden CD and each of the hidden levels have one as well. The music in this game is really good as a retro upbeat 12-bit chiptune style. The final new thing is having 20 new unlockable characters. Finding these hidden characters was probably the most challenging part of this game for me. I had no idea where to find any of the hidden characters until I got really lucky when finding one by accident and realized what I should do for the rest. There is also a death counter that has been added and it will keep track of your failures so get (Git) good (Gud) or it will be a high number.

MMSC Screenshot 2016-03-19 14-45-09The reason the game has Super Challenge in the title is because this is a much more challenging game than the original. If you ever thought a game needed more spike death pits then they were probably all put in this game. I may be overestimating here by a small margin but I think each level had no fewer than five spike filled death pits. That is not including the instant death pits and poisonous swamps, which looks like purple lava, but it should be noted that all these new locations look great. The new environments really add a refreshing element to the series when traveling from a jungle area all the way to a temple. The one area that stood out the most to me was the temple with the depth and detail to the sides of platforms and walls. The music in the temple areas added an extra kind of explorer sense and other times it would start out mellow and then change to be more upbeat giving a sense of urgency to completing the level.

MMSC Screenshot 2016-03-19 14-41-10If you couldn’t tell I really enjoy playing the Mutant Mudd series to the point that I even mastered the touch controls for the iOS version. I would highly recommend Mutant Mudds Super Challenge for fans of the original or to people who are really good are Mega Man style games. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is also cross-buy so if you buy it on either the 3DS or Wii U you will own it on the other system as well. You can also get a 15% discount if you own the original game or downloaded the demo that was part of Nindies@Home Preview. Even if this isn’t the kind of game you would play I highly recommend treating your ears to the music it has to offer. If you have not played the original I would suggest playing through it first, not for the story but to get see what it has to offer.

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