Nintendo Download for Europe – 24/03/16


The Nintendo Download is back. I apologise for this weekly article disappearing. Christmas and life got in the way but hopefully I can get back into the rhythm of getting this out on a Monday/Tuesday once again. I’m going to change the format up a little bit to make it a bit more readable and (hopefully) a bit easier to produce. Anyway, here’s this week releases coming to Nintendo consoles this week.


The Big Game of the Week: Hyrule Warriors Legends (3DS £34.99/€39.99)
Hyrule Warriors came out on the Wii U in 2014 and was a somewhat of a sleeper hit. Of course it’s a Zelda game so it was always going to sell well but no one really expected it to be quite as much fun as it ended up being. This brings an expanded version of the Wii U game to the 3DS so you can enjoy the classic Warriors gameplay on the go. There’s going to be loads of DLC which will add new characters and more to the already massive amount of content that you get from day one.

Also Out This Week

New Nintendo 3DS VC
Donkey Kong Country & DKC2 – £7.19/€7.99 each

Wii U eShop
Infinity Runner – £5.89/€6.49
Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Directors Cut – £6.99/€9.99

Wii U VC
Star Fox 64 – £4.49/€4.99 (On sale)

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