What the NintendPals and Pals Have Played – 26/03/16

It’s almost Easter, that time of the year when everyone eats far to much chocolate and spends Sunday watching bad television or if you’re lucky enough; getting some well earned time on your video game. You’ll get to learn what we did with our Easter next week but until then. Here’s what the NintendPals and Pals have played this week.

Tony Miller – Senior Editor of Nintendo-Okie
I’m still slowly playing through Twilight Princess.  On my way to the Water Temple right now and this game just confirms my thoughts from the first time I played it.  It’s the best of the 3D Zelda games.  The dungeon design is superb, the bosses are creepy at times.  It’s a beautiful game, especially with the slightly redone visuals.  it’s not quite as washed out as the original. It’s good.  It’s really good.

Pokemon Shuffle
Other than that I’ve actually been playing a lot of Pokemon Shuffle.  I keep coming back to that game over and over, and I don’t like match 3 style games.  Pokemon Shuffle just has its hooks in me.

James Haden – YouTube Editor for NintendPals
JH.jpgSo I made level 25 so far on Overwatch; some of the games have been intense and I’ve also been playing as some different characters…Lucio, in this screenshot, is a support character so he supplies speed boosts or healing to his team mates within line of sight…Or his ultimate being a massive shield barrier which can absorb considerable damage to begin with but dissipates over time…He can also deal some damage; managed a 5 kill streak with him…

So yeah, the game has been out for a while now and already elitists are starting to fill the game slots…” I carried the team “ or “n00b team players “ does happen to enter the chat at times…I’ve always been the type of person to just ignore this kind of chit chat, unless its directed at me in a bad way… Of course the flip side is that people can vote you on how well you played; I’ve had some epic votes ( more than 5 different people coting you as MVP ) so I feel I’m doing fairly well…I’ve moved from playing Reinhardt so much and started to branch onto other characters based on roles…My Attack character is McCree, Defense is Widowmaker, Tank is Reinhardt and Lucio, my Healer…I will try different characers after my holiday…so a short update today in between working and getting ready for holiday.

Myles Foale – Cohost of NintendPals and European Editor
This week I have played exactly 3 games. Twilight Princess; I’m now over 20 hours deep and still loving it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the water temple that I mentioned last week. But that’s more because of me not liking water based levels in any game. The story is great, the music is beautiful and the gameplay is so addictive. Easily one of the better Zelda games that have ever been made.
Super Mario MakerNext up; Mario Maker. Not much to say here. Made some levels, played some levels. Fantastic game that continues to evolve and improve.

And finally, Shovel Knight. Now I don’t think I can overstate just how much I love this game. I played it to completion originally on the 3DS and it was one of my favourite games of the year in that year (2014 I think). I have since purchased it on Wii U as I no longer own a 3DS. I’ve been playing it in-between TPHD and have 1 level left to complete. I thought that my experience might be slightly diminished the second time through (I very rarely play through games more then once) but this is not the case with Shovel Knight it’s still extremely fun to play through a second time and I found new things in levels that I missed the first time round. I honestly think it is the very best “indie” game ever made and it’s one of my favourite games of all time. It’s endlessly charming and is challenging without ever become a rage inducing, pad smashing experience.
capture14 Hopefully I’ll finish the main game today so I can move onto the Plague Knight DLC which I only spent a small amount of time with on the 3DS.

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