Nintendo Download for Europe 31/03/16

There’s one question that matters. How much chocolate did you eat? I ate so much that I couldn’t even use my laptop to do the Nintendo Download yesterday, but fear not! Here it is only a day late!


The Big Game of the Week: Metroid Other M for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console (£17.99/€19.99)
Metroid other M was originally released for the Nintendo Wii way back in 2010 and is one of the most divisive Metroid games in the series. It was developed in collaboration with Team Ninja and tries to blend 1st and 3rd person styles. It does have a great premise, dealing with Samus’ back story and features voice acting that not everyone enjoyed. Whatever your opinion on the game it’s always good to have Metroid on the Wii U

Also Out This Week

Wii U

FreezeME – £8.80/€9.99
Chompy Chomp Chomp Party – £8.99/€10.99
Tachyon Project – £8.99/€9.99
The Beggar’s Ride – £7.99/€7.49


Justice Chronicles – £8.99/€9.99
Fire Emblem: Awakening – Going down to £26.49/€29.99

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