What the NintendPals and Pals Have Played 02/04/16

Another week has gone by but this time there was loads of chocolate to eat so I’ll consider it as one of the good ones. This week in WTNAPHP (I know) I skipped out because I’m working on a review at the moment. Instead though there’s a new contributor who’s been playing one of my all time favourite games. Let us know what you’ve been playing in the comments or if you want to get involved in this weekly article get in touch!

Tony Miller: Senior Editor of Nintendo-Okie
I’ve played through every level I can in Mini Mario & Friends.  It’s the next game in the Mario vs DK style of puzzle games.  You play as wind-up versions of some Mario characters and you have to navigate levels from start to finish placing girders, using movable blocks or bouncing off springs.  Each character in the game has different special abilities that will let them access parts of levels that other characters can’t.  For example Yoshi can eat any enemies on the screen.  Mario can wall-jump or DK can climb steep hills.  The game has Mii specific levels that I can’t play unless I buy some new Amiibo.  Unfortunately I enjoyed this game so much I think I may have to break down and actually buy the five Amiibo that are compatible with the game that I don’t have.  I don’t really want a Diddy Kong amiibo, but if I want to play those four levels for him I’ll have to have one.
James Haden: Youtube Editor for NintendPals

Ahh the retro gaming…it’s scary to think that a game that was so popular back in the late 90’s is now considered retro… Perhaps that’s just my personal opinion?

jh1Anyways, it was my holiday this week so decided to take the PS4 for the downtime as also could watch films (with kids you can’t stay out too late…) but when wifey wants to do the social media thing I decide to do a bit of gaming… I had done from Junon Harbor to Wutai. It was done so quickly thanks to the inherent “boosts” that accompany the PS4 version…After completing the game numerous times on various systems I’m just doing the run through to obtain the trophies.

Even to this day, the game still holds its own against modern titles. The sheer volume of the story is amazing, also the customization of the characters with the magic and skills has a great amount of depth…Want a healer to smack down the bosses with fists? You got it…Want the main character to pretty much have every spell in the game? You can (although you have to beat an optional boss for this to become possible!)jh2

I will update more on this game in time to come…I’m trying to get Aeris level 4 limit break; I’ve done it before and will do it again…just insane farming needed, but thankfully the boosts on the PS4 will help greatly

Tom Williams: NintendPals Listener
So this will be the third week that this article has been running and I feel incredibly remiss for having missed the first two weeks. Due to how busy I’ve been I thought it would be best to put the brakes on life for an evening and put fingers to keyboard in support of NintendPals content.

I present for your consideration a snapshot of my gaming over the last three weeks. Sit back, grab a drink, relax and enjoy the sound of how you think my voice sounds in your head as it processes these pretty little letters.

Skylanders Superchargers: Part one of my effort to bring about a more fiancée inclusive gaming experience for our living room has been somewhat of a bloody disaster.
Having owned the original Skylanders game back on the Xbox 360 there has been a small blue plastic box sitting in our under-stairs cupboard with about two dozen pretty little plastic toys waiting to be brought back to life. The game itself is as I remember: third-person smashing action with lots of lights and noise. The controls are relatively intuitive in these sections which make up the main portion of the game and are great for when you want to destroy a hundred of something as quickly as possible. Annoyingly the main fault is with the vehicle sections which are the key gimmick in this version. The change in control mechanics for the vehicles between demolition derby style sections and racing areas is quite jarring. Also the constant and not so subtle reminders to buy more toys.
I was well aware going in to this game that to complete the it 100% would require the extra purchase of more vehicles. In the original game you needed to have at least one Skylander toy of each of the six elements present in the game to unlock element-specific gates. This requires not only specific elements (of which there are now eight) but specific vehicle types and combinations therein. Needless to say this did not impress my better half who gave me the look that the thought of “You spent £20 on this?” causes one’s face to adopt. I have yet to openly tell her she was right.

Shovel Knight: So, second shot at co-op happiness has been significantly better received.
Shovel Knight is the best late 80’s/early 90’s 2D side-scroller released outside of those respective decades. What’s more is that it is unafraid to slap you about the chops should you dare to get so cocky as to think you might be good enough to beat it. When this is tried in the Amiibo-unlocked coop mode, the results can be both frustrating and elating.
I’ve got to be honest, there’s a movie on TV right now and I’m a little distracted. Bear with me. The game itself is fantastic, the controls are simple and the retro graphics are carried throughout the entire production is incredibly immersive. The Amiibo is a beautiful little sculpture piece that I would recommend alone. However it is slightly useless without the rest of the game. Needless to say my fiancée and I love this little gem and I don’t think we’ve enjoyed a game like this since Yoshi’s Wooly World.

Aside from these two pieces, I’ve been getting some time in on my 3DS thanks to some fortuitous scheduling at work which means I get a full forty five minutes after I’ve eaten my lunch to have exactly no-one talking to me.
So I’ve started playing through my handheld Legend of Zelda collection in the form of both Ocarina of Time and A Link Between Worlds. Not much to say on these as they’re both still work in progress. Plus I’ve got the Hyrule Warriors demo to have a bash on at some point.
Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write those up for next week. Until next time guys.

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