What The NintendPals and Pals Have Been Playing – 09/04/16

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For now though here’s what we’ve been playing this week.

Dave Gillam – NintendPals Listener
I remember back in 2010-ish when the original Rocksmith was announced. You probably remember too, it was when rhythm-action fatigue was setting in and it was hard to even muster a sarcastic remark about Activision running something into the ground so hard it created a new tectonic fault line. Rocksmith, though was the new kid on the block, it promised to be an actual music learning tool as well as a fun game. I simply couldn’t manage to be more apathetic towards this game and all it promised, but about 2 years ago I bought it in a Steam Sale because it was cheap and I have been shredding weekly ever since.


Looking at it in retrospect, the way in which the game presents the notes and chords for you to play can appear overwhelming but the game’s dynamic difficulty ensure you are playing to your skill level, so it’s not often that you find yourself struggling through a tricky riff or troublesome chord changes.

The library of songs available are a mix bag of genres but there are very few that miss the mark, some of the games more obscure songs have become my favourites to jam out to and as the game offers Lead, Rhythm or Bass guitar versions of almost every song you can perfect your skills and learn each song inside out. There is also a fantastic mode called guitarcade which has technique lessons and exercise disguised as fun little minigames.

I bought Rocksmith 2014 nearly two years ago and still play it at least once a week. Upon my initial purchase I realised that I needed more and ended up buying the original Rocksmith and the backwards compatibility license, then as I mastered those songs I started buying the brilliant DLC which Ubisoft are still providing 2 years after the game’s release.

If you are a seasoned player or absolute beginner Rocksmith proves itself to be a great tool to improve your skills as a musician. My scepticism from 2010 couldn’t have been more misplaced, Ubisoft delivered everything they promised and more.

James Haden – NintendPals YouTube Contributor
The trouble with amazing games is that you can’t put them down once you have started…This still holds true with Final Fantasy 7… I’m well over halfway into the game now and I’m sure most of you will recognize the scene in the screenshot…a scene which still to this day can reduce men to tears.


I’m still playing the Beta to Overwatch; there are patches most days with Blizzard adding new content. The latest is a challenge mode; this allows you to play ranked matches. I tried once with McCree and had my butt kicked in glorious style so I think I may reserve this mode for Reinhardt as he’s the character I have the most experience with. Other things added are custom controls per character so you can fine tune all the little things independently of characters, and also balancing characters so they are more fair.

As I said in my last blog about Overwatch, the internet doesn’t fail to deliver elitism and nerd rage; sure we can’t tell if it’s a genuine disconnection error but it’s fun watching people quit after you pummel their heads in a few times.

Myles Foale – NintendPals Co-Host
I’ll be honest, I haven’t played many games this week. Mainly it’s wrestling’s fault. There’s been so much to watch over Wrestlemania week that it hasn’t left much time for anything else.

I did find some time to get back to Twilight Princess towards the end of the week however. I’m getting well into the last third of the game now having just completed the Mansion temple. I’m currently back in the forest, one of the things I really like about this game is how it reuses locations multiple times but adds new areas each time you go back. It really makes the game world feel fleshed out and not like your simply progressing through levels.

I would say that I’m not enjoying the last third of the game as much as the earlier parts of the game. It’s still great but I think I have temple fatigue. I’m really hoping it will pick back up as I approach the finale of the game and the last few bosses.


I’ve also spent quite a bit of time on Nintendo’s first smartphone app; Miitomo. I have to say it’s becoming one of my preferred social networks just through how silly everything is about it. It has a great photo mode where you can yours and your friends Mii’s into some provided background or if you want some of your own which can lead to some very inappropriate Miitography once you put your Mii’s into the poses you think will look best. I’ll be interested to see how Nintendo develop this app further and keep people coming back long term but I think it was actually a good first effort now I’ve spent some time with it.

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