What the NintendPals & Pals Have Been Playing – 16/04/16

James Haden – NintendPals Youtube Contributor

This week I’ve been playing StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

jh2This is a game I have completed twice already but it’s such an amazing game. It’s the last expansion to the StarCraft 2 saga made by Blizzard and it’s a Real Time Strategy game. This is a genre I’ve always enjoyed since the days of Warcraft 3 and Command and Conquer.

For those of you that have heard of StarCraft 2, this expansion is easily, for me, the best one of the series. The storyline behind it is amazing and it ties up loose ends from the days of StarCraft back in the 90’s as well as StarCraft 2 over 5 years ago and Heart of the Swarm, the second instalment to StarCraft 2.

There are lots of jaw dropping moments, the first time you see Ulnar, Zeratuls involvement, The Taldarim and all sorts. The actual gameplay is very easy to pick up also; it gives help during the first few missions and then prompts visually after that should you need it. For those who are used to RTS games it will have a familiar feel in controls.

jh1For the multiplayer aspect you can go against friends or even team up with them; there are leagues to enter also…Back when StarCraft 2 was first introduced I reached Gold League, A feat I don’t think I could do now since it required avid gameplay and a lot of commitment…Something I can’t really do now but who knows I may try again in time


Myles Foale – NintendPals Co-Host & European Editor


(Warning, this post features mild spoilers for Twilight Princess)I finally did it! I beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I took me around 45 hours or so but I did it. I actually finished it about half an hour before writing this blog so I’m still riding the high that comes with game completion. I have to say that the last hour of the game is wonderful. The boss fights that cap off the game get better and better and culminate in an awesome sword fight with my favourite videogame bad guy; Ganondorf that is so atmospheric and epic that I didn’t want it to end. Also getting to see Midna in her true form was awesome, she’s a character that I got very attached to even though I initially disliked her when she’s first introduced to the game.

If I’m being objective for a second I do think that the last couple of dungeons the proceed the final one or the weakest of the game and it felt a bit like the developers were running out of ideas at points. There are a few times where poor sign posting is used as a way of creating challenge. Something that just comes across as frustrating rather than clever.

Overall though I absolutely love this game. I don’t think it’s better than Windwaker (my favourite Zelda game) but it’s easily my second favourite and absolutely the best game I’ve played in 2016 so far, and possibly of 2015 too. It’s a massively epic adventure and I didn’t even complete all of the side stuff or touch the Amiibo dungeon either. If you, like me missed this on the Wii version or the GameCube version than you absolutely have to play this. For me it now joins Smash Bros and Mario Kart as in my top 3 Wii U games.

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