Data Drain – Episode 18 (Mega Man)

Data Drain is back again. This time we talk about about the legendary super fighting robot Mega Man. For those of you unfamiliar with Mega Man, he is a Capcom character that people have been begging to see a new game for and continue to get nothing. We are joined by Steve Juon for this discussion and he is totally qualified to talk about anything and everything Mega Man.

Data Drain – Episode 18 (Mega Man)
Starring – Steve, Shelby, Jason, Ethan
Run Time – 00:55:55

You can find Steve Juon on Twitter.com/MrMegaManFan and his channel on YouTube.com/user/mmf187. You can find the rest of the guys from this episode in the Nintendo-Okie Facebook group. There is a Twitter account to follow if you can find it. There is a YouTube channel where Go Rounds are done and Jason and I have posted a few episode of a Robotrek LP. Oh you can also email episode topics or request to be a guest for a future episode by emailing DataDrain@nintendo-okie.com

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