What the NintendPals and Pals Have Been Playing – 30/04/16

Tony has been going old school this week, James is playing a mixture of epic and ridiculous games and Myles is pleasantly surprised…

Tony Miller – Editor in Chief of Nintendo-Okie
Working my way through a couple of old school style RPGs.  Asdivine Hearts on Wii U reminds me very much of SNES games like Final Fantasy IV or something like Golden Sun on GBA.  The game is a top down RPG featuring a menu based battle system.  Mix in a stereotypical spiky haired protagonist, a couple of female fighters and healers and a deity who’s gotten trapped inside the body of a cat and you’ve got a recipe for unique dialogue.  The battle system itself shows you the turn order for your party and enemy fighters.  You have to really mix physical combat with powerful skills and magical based attacks.  You can’t just magic or brute force your way through the game.  It’s a console port of a mobile game, but don’t let that scare you away.  it feels very much like an old school RPG and for $10 it’s not going to hurt your wallet that much.

The other things I’ve been playing I just started on 3DS and is called ASH.  It’s very similar to any handheld RPG, but I’m less than half an hour into it so I can’t really talk that much about it just yet.
James Haden – NintendPals Youtube Contributor
WOW…got a fair bit into this game I think its chapter 6? I referenced it to Tomb Raider last week…If that’s the case think Tomb Raider is Bambi in difficulty and AI comparison…and Uncharted is Satan in all his full out glory! The game is a challenge! I won’t deny it! But WHAT a challenge!

I’m enjoying being tested round every corner and it’s a sense of achievement to be able to outwit the enemy; if you are firing from under cover for example next thing you know, a grenade lands in your lap and you HAVE to leg it otherwise it’s a checkpoint reload. The puzzles are also fiendish…get a move wrong and you snuff it, no health loss…just insta death! Bring on more!!

The visuals are exquisite; I’m playing the remastered version for PS4 and I’m constantly in awe at the scenery…The Fortress level is truly a sight; I’m finding myself overlooking the balcony’s or out the windows to capture the scenery; but then I have to remember to actually “play” the game..lol

An almost polar opposite in gaming now… Saints Row 4! A game which is not about seriousness but about pure unadulterated fun! Want to run up buildings? Sure thing! Profanities and sexual innuendos? All in! Insane guns which defy logic? Dancing to death? It’s all there! Ill update a bit more on this game in weeks to come, but as I said it’s been a bit hectic this week

Myles Foale – NintendPals Co-Host and European Editor of Nintendo-Okie
This week my gaming time has been mainly focused on Star Fox Zero which I managed to get a hold of last Saturday. In all honesty I haven’t had chance to play to much of it but so far I’m really enjoying it. I had a lot of apprehensions about playing this game due to my inert dislike of motion controls. But I’m happy to say that Nintendo have done a wonderful job of integrating motion controls in a way that doesn’t take over the game and is actually very enjoyable. For the most part the motion controls simply help you to aim in much the same way they do it Splatoon. I actually think it makes me more accurate too and honestly I feel like it adds to the immersion of the game. The other red flag that the game threw up to me was the dual screen. The game uses the TV and the GamePad simultaneously to show to views of the same thing. After spending a couple of hours using just the GamePad to play I can confirm that you don’t need to screen to play at all. Sure, it makes the game more fun to play it this way but it doesn’t actually make the game easier or more intuitive. You can actually change which view is on which screen too with the select button so you can either have the cockpit on the TV or the GamePad. Playing with juts the GamePad I simply found that I would switch between the views depending on what I was doing at the time.

The game is at its best when you are flying around huge areas dog-fighting with the enemy whist the characters chat amongst themselves. The game tries to add in extra vehicles and stuff to make things interesting. These parts are good but never feel quite as thrilling as the core experience. Overall though I’m super impressed so far with Star Fox Zero and I hope to tell you more next weekend.

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