Dragon Quest – A Few Of My Favorite Monsters

Enemies. No good RPG would be complete without them. You fight hundres, if not thousands, of them over the course of the 40-100+ hours you spend in these worlds. Some games give you very unique enemies to fight and the Dragon Quest series is no exception. From slimes to knights to dragons there are so many different monsters this series has seen. Some of them have been very memorable. Some have become icons of the series. Some you see once and never see again.

Here are a few of my favorite enemies that I’ve fought over the years. These will be every day, normal enemies not bosses. Those could be covered in another article.

Slime.jpgSlime – Did anyone expect there to be a list of enemies that didn’t include the slime? It is the most famous enemy in the Dragon Quest series. It is, as a result of its popularity the mascot for the series. You can more or less guarantee that the first enemy you’re going to come across when you turn on a Dragon Quest game is one of these little guys. There are so many different kinds to choose from too. You have your standard blue or red, which are a little tougher. You have the ones that goblins have hopped on top of to create a Slime Knight. You’ve got the pesky little silver metal ones that are a bugger to kill, but if you do you’re richly rewarded. Without a doubt the slime is the most abundant and most popular enemy in the Dragon Quest universe.

GolemGolem – The big brutes didn’t start out that big. In the original Dragon Quest games they weren’t that much bigger than any other enemy, at least visually, and that was due to the limitations of the NES. As the series progressed, hardware got more powerful and the games moved into the realm of 3D these brutes got much larger and now coming up on one can be truly a scary situation. They’re not easy to kill. Like every other enemy in the game they come in a few different varities.

CyclopsCyclops – First appearing in Dragon Quest II these guys are almost as scary as Golems. They’re big. That one eye just stares straight into your soul. They’ve been used to really great effect showing off just how big they are. In Dragon Quest Heroes you have to fight one that is invading one of the towns. It’s a massive beast and I remember being in awe seeing one that big.

SkipperSkipper – This little guy looks like a goomba in Kuribo’s Shoe got a hold of a bad batch of mushrooms. They’re most famous for their appearances in the Joker spin-off series, but did make an appearance in Dragon Quest VIII.

Restless Armour – It’s like a knight, but with no body. It’s just a sentient set of armour. The design of this enemy is a very classic knight look; the helmet with the stove front grill, a sword, big round shield. it’s just a classic look for an enemy. it’s also been called the Rogue Knight in some of the games. While it hasn’t been in every game, it’s been in quite a lot of them and is one of those enemies that I think of when I think of the series as a whole.

Mental pitcherMental Pitcher – I confess, I only really like this monster because of the puns. The Dragon Quest series has a lot of characters with puns in their names, but this one has always been one of my favorites. I chuckled to myself the first time I saw this one. Their only appearance comes in Dragon Quest V, but I always enjoyed getting to fight one. Other variants for this monsters include the screwball pitcher. They have these little vines that they use to attack you, but it looks like they could just inhale anything into those huge mouths and devour it.

ChimaeraChimaera – This is another one of those very classic enemies of the Dragon Quest series. I’m not exactly sure what this has to do with the actual mythological chimaera, but in the original Dragon Quest game it was known as a Wyvern (the name I know it best as). Until Dragon Quest VIII it has appeared primarly in the odd numbered games in the series. Why that is I couldn’t begin to tell you, just an odd little fact. It’s also made an appearance in most of the spin-off series for the franchise as well. It doesn’t look like it could do a lot of damage to you, but these monsters are pesky and annoying. I don’t like them showing up in my games, but they’re there and I have to fight them every time.

LipsLips – This is one of those monsters that I’ve always found a little weird, but in a way I like it. Their primary attack is just to kiss you. They look like a slug with arms and I can only imagine them being slimy and gross to touch. Then to think about them kissing you makes it even worse. One of those monsters that I always liked to recruit in the Joker games just for the sheer fact that I liked turning those tables and using those disgusting puckering lips to kiss someone besides me.

Erazor BladeErazor Blade – Another monster that has been known primarily for its appearances in spin-off games like the Monsters and Joker series Erazor Blade did make an appearance in one of the main series games, Dragon Quest IV. This sentient blade looks more like a combination of a shark and a sword, but it’s still a fun monster to see on the screen. I can only imagine someone reaching down to pick up a sword they think has fallen on the ground only to have it lunge at them and try to bite their hands. It’s a clever disguise for a enemy and one that will make any adventurer think twice about picking up gear that’s just been lying around.

CapsichumCapsichum – Giant walking, talking peppers who’ve skewered themselves. This looks like something out of a movie like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes rather than a Dragon Quest game. The name comes from the genus of plant that peppers belong to, capsicum, and the word chum, slang for friend. they’re weird. It seems like they’ve done you a favor by running a metal rod through their bodies, but still they find a way to fight you. It’s one enemy that doesn’t make many appearances in the game, but I like their look and so they get added to the list.

So there you have it. These are a few of my favorite monsters from the Dragon Quest series. I’m sure I’ve left out some of your favorites so let me know which ones you’d include in your list of favorite enemies. If you have any ideas on other articles about the Dragon Quest series of games you’d like to see let me know that as well.

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