Renegade Kid Disbands, Forms Two New Studios

Mutant Mudds 3

Renegade Kid has become one of my favorite developers over the years. The last few projects they’ve put out have been fun. Mutant Mudds is one of the most difficult platformers I’ve ever played and Xeodrifter was a fun Metroid style game that I’d love to see a sequel to. They had other games like Moon and Dementium: The Ward that showed the DS was capable of putting out shooters that controlled well.

Today, through a press release, the company announced that they have disbanded. The two co-founders, Greg Hargrove and Jools Watsham, have created their own studios and will be splitting up the companies IP between them. Greg Hargrove and his new studio Infitizmo will gain the rights to all of their 3D properties like Moon and Dementium. Meanwhole Jools Watsham and his new studio Atooi will gain the rights to all of their 2D properties like Mutant Mudds and the upcoming Treasurenauts.

After 10 years of creating games together the two leave on very friendly terms and say that their friendship and respect for each other remains firmly intact. They’ve just decided that it’s time to move on to separate ventures going forward.

We’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on with both studios as they begin the process of creating games separately. I’ve come to respect the members of this studio over the years and wish them both well going forward.

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