Atooi Announces New Game, Chicken Wiggle

Chicken Wiggle Logo

Jools Watsham, and his new company Atooi, have announced their first 3DS project and it looks rather interesting. It’s a game called Chicken Wiggle. The game is set to come out to 3DS and iOS later this year.

In the game you play as a young chicken who is, rather than eating it, carrying around a worm in a bag on its back. The two team up to rescue their friends from a witch who has kidnapped them and locked them in a tower in the sky. The chicken can jump across platforms and peck at enemies that get in their way. You can use the worm to “grapple” high platforms like apples growing on a vine that would let you reach normally out of reach platforms.

In addition to that there will be a complete level editor that will allow you to create and share levels with other players. You can customize the rules of the level, the art and even themes in the game. You can provide hints and tips for players to get through the tougher part of your levels and create tags that players can use to search for specific themes.

Jools Watsham and Atooi will be showing off the game at PAX this week. Check out the game play demo below to see the game in action.

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