Mario Maker Goes Portable

Mario Maker 3DS

Super Mario Maker has been a title that’s gotten a lot of attention since it was released. It finally gave players an official way to create their own Mario levels, something many people have been dreaming about for decades. It was always tied to your TV, though. You’ve had to be at home to create levels. That won’t be the case much longer as Super Mario Maker 3DS will be making its way to store shelves in time for Christmas.

This new release will include 100 levels straight out of the box, developed by the level designers at Nintendo. There will also be levels that have specific challenges like collecting all of the coins or defeating all of the enemies before you reach the end.

There are some changes coming to the way courses are designed in this version, however. Nearly all of the tools from the Wii U game will be available on the 3DS as well as interactive lessons that will show you how to use many of the items available to design courses. You can also share levels with friends before courses are finished. You and a friend can share them locally with each other, make changes and decide on the final version of the course before you complete it. Courses can’t be shared online, but you can access the internet to play select courses from the Wii U version of the game.

The game will be available for purchase on December 2nd.

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