Pikmin Going Portable


During today’s Nintendo Direct the company finished the presentation with the announcement of a new Pikmin game. This game, coming to 3DS in 2017, will not be the typical top-down RTS you’re used to. This time around they’re going sideways.

You’ll still be playing as Olimar and you’ll still have an army of Pikmin that follow you around. However you’ll be doing it all from the side. You can tap Pikmin and throw them up to higher ledges, or wherever you need them to go to complete their jobs. It’s an action game designed to make players think quickly. Each of the different Pikmin will have traditional and familiar jobs.

It’s interesting to see Nintendo take this approach rather than bringing a more traditional look to the game. I think it looks interesting and I’ll be following the development of this one. The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2017.

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