Mario Makes His iOS Debut Later This Year

Mario iOS.jpg

Today at Apple’s conference Mr. Miyamoto was on stage to show off Nintendo’s next mobile game. It’s not Animal Crossing, or Fire Emblem as has been previously announced. This one stars everyone’s favorite plumber. Super Mario Run is set to come to iOS later this year.

The game is a runner where Mario automatically runs from left to right. Tapping on Mario will make him jump. Hold the tap longer, he jumps higher. Just touching enemies will defeat them. At different points later in the game there will be blocks that can be used to change Mario’s direction. The point of the game is to collect as many coins as you can and reach the end of the level before time runs out.

There will be multi-player options available too. A battle mode, called Toad Rally, will have you choosing an opponent to try and beat their score. You can play with friends or against other people from around the world. There is no flag pole to reach in this mode. You just keep running and collecting coins until the timer runs out. The person with the most coins at the end wins and will have Toadette appear to tell you who collected the most.

One thing that does appear to be the case with this release is that it will not be free to play. It will be available for a set price with no in-app purchases necessary. It will also have stickers for iMessage that will work in iOS 10.

Super Mario Run is expected to hit the app store later this year.

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