Hero’s Journal: Dragon Quest VII

The Hero’s Journal is my attempt at creative writing. It gives me a chance to talk about the stuff I’m doing in a game while playing through it. Many games I use the Hero’s Journal for are longer RPGs that will take a lot of time to play. It’s a good way to chronicle my thoughts and let you guys behind the scenes a little bit. You’ll find out some of the stuff that I’m doing in the game and you’ll see what my characters experience.

I will warn you that these articles could contain spoilers so if you don’t want anything potentially spoiled don’t read past the break. This time I’m playing through Dragon Quest VII. Make sure to check back often as these posts will be updated with new journal entries chronicling my adventures.

We’re going to get into so much trouble, I just know it. Prince Kiefer and I have been sneaking out to work on a ship every night the last few weeks. Maribel told me that she knows what we’ve been doing and if we keep it up she’ll have no choice but to tell my Father. We want to know the truth. Is Estard Island really the only land on the whole planet? That can’t be the truth can it?

Dragon-Quest-VII-1.pngI was called before the King today. He wanted to know if Prince Kiefer and I were up to something. He wanted to know if I was hiding something from him. I couldn’t lie to him. I just couldn’t. I had to tell him the truth.

Later that night Prince Kiefer and I wandered into the ruins to the east. Everything is falling apart. There’s very little left of that building. It was kind of scary. The Prince said he wanted to find a way into the ruins that have been locked away. He was saying something about a sunstone, or a bright light. I don’t really know what he was talking about. He showed me a book that talked about those ruins and how to get into them, but I couldn’t read any of the words. They were in some language I didn’t understand. There was one person who might know, the old Hermit, and he did. He mentioned something about the bright flash in the book being the purity of a hero’s heart.

The Prince and I went back to the ruins. He said he had the purest heart of anyone and that he could prove it. We both knelt before the statue and then something strange happened. A bright light shone all around us. The statue started shaking and then turned away from us. When it did a beam out light shone out of it and onto the locked door of the ruins. They opened. What lies in those ruins? I guess we’ll find out soon.

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