Hero’s Journal: Dragon Quest VII – The Ruins

The Hero’s Journal is my attempt at creative writing. It gives me a chance to talk about the stuff I’m doing in a game while playing through it. Many games I use the Hero’s Journal for are longer RPGs that will take a lot of time to play. It’s a good way to chronicle my thoughts and let you guys behind the scenes a little bit. You’ll find out some of the stuff that I’m doing in the game and you’ll see what my characters experience.

I will warn you that these articles could contain spoilers so if you don’t want anything potentially spoiled don’t read past the break. This time I’m playing through Dragon Quest VII. Make sure to check back often as these posts will be updated with new journal entries chronicling my adventures.

dragon-quest-vii-assembly-roomThe Prince and I entered the ruins for the first time. We weren’t alone when we did. There was a creature there. He was flying, and almost ghost-like. He didn’t seem like he wanted to harm us. In fact, he talked to us. He told us that in order to get the doors inside the ruins opened we needed some special items. There are four pieces of armor hidden in the graveyard and if we placed those four items on the proper pillars inside the ruins the doors would open.

We found the pieces of armor, got the doors to the ruins opened and were amazed by what we saw inside. The creature, who had previously appeared in a ghost-like state now looked more real. He told us the room we were in was called the Assembly Room. There were all kinds of pillars inside with strange writing. He told us we needed to find the fragments of stone tablets to go on top of those pillars. They would be scattered all throughout the world, but that the first one was close.

It turned out that my Dad had one. He just returned from the village’s most recent fishing trip and on that journey a piece of a stone tablet got tangled up in their fishing nets. He gave it to me. Should I show it to Kiefer?

dragon-quest-vii-slimesI did. When he saw it he said we needed to show it to the creature in the Assembly Room. As we were getting closer Maribel surprised us. She said she knew we’d be there and that she was joining us or she’d tell on us. What could we do? We had to let her come with us.

When we got inside we showed the tablet to the creature. The pieces that we had fit perfectlyinside the top of one of the pillars. When we put them all in a bright light flashed around us and we all passed out. When we woke up we were in a strange place. It was a forest that didn’t seem familiar to anyone. The three of us stayed together and began searching the forest. We ran into a warrior named Maeve. She was wearing pink armor, at least I think you could call it armor. She was putting grass on a grave because she didn’t have any flowers. Maribel gave her some seeds to plant around the grave. She thanked us and said she’d accompany us to the nearby village. The strangest thing happened on the way there, though. She just vanished. No goodbye or anything.

The villagers told us about the history of the place. They were tearing everything down and there were no women there. Apparently they’d all been kidnapped years earlier and the villagers were told that to get them back they had to destroy the village. We met a another kid there who was looking after his sick father. He said he needed some green gem to help make him better. We told him we’d help and we set off towards a mine that was near the village to look for the stone.

dragon-quest-vii-towerThe mine was full of monsters and giant gems. If we pushed them against each other they disappeared. There were some times we had to figure out the proper way to do this so they’d disappear and open up the way to the staircases we needed to use. We did manage to get to the bottom of the mine and find the gem we were looking for. Maeve was down there and she carved off a small piece of the gem for us to take back, but again she disappeared. We got the gem back to the boy and his dad was better by the next day. He asked us if we’d help him by going to the tower and clearing it out of monsters. We figured it was the best way to get us home so we helped him.

The tower was a crazy maze of stairs where we had to go up and down numerous times. The most interesting thing happened when we got to the middle of the tower. Maeve was the one who was in charge of all the monsters that were surrounding the village. It was because of her actions years ago that the villagers women disappeared. She told us we needed to kill her to break the curse and return the women. I didn’t really want to fight her because she’d helped us so much, but it was the only way. We ended the fight, returned to the village and all the women had returned.

Thankfully after all of this a portal back to our home had opened up. We entered it, returned home and went to bed. I was tired after that time away.

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