New Mario Game Revealed


During today’s reveal trailer for the Nintendo NX, now called Switch, a new game that has never been seen before was revealed. That game is, in fact, a new Mario game. Not a lot of details have been shown at this time. We don’t know a name for the game, we don’t know if it will be a launch title for Switch. We don’t know if Luigi will be in the game, officially. That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.


So what exactly did the trailer show about the game during it’s stealth reveal? Not a lot really. It does appear to have a camera angle more along the lines of a game like Super Mario Galaxy. It does appear to take place on worlds similar in layout to something like Super Mario 3D World, but it appears that the camera is closer and more directly behind Mario’s back like his Wii counterpart than in that game that was released on Wii U. It appears that there is at least one area that is themed like a Wild West, or Mexican style of town. You can see one enemy jumping around in the bottom right corner of the screen that appears to be wearing a sombrero. Whether that’s a Snifit, or a Shy Guy, or something else was a little hard to tell. The color palette of that area is very vibrant.


Does this screen shot show amiibo support? I can’t think those are there just because they’re Nintendo related. The company doesn’t generally just put things in a video because they look nice. The controller does appear to have a place for NFC support, which would make sense considering how much Nintendo has put into amiibo. I can see them being a central focus for the company going forward. How those figures will interact with the game, if at all, remains to be seen.


This also appears to hint at multi-player. You never see these two people playing the game on screen, but this was shown during the Mario segment so that would seem to hint at some sort of multi-player functionality. All of the more recent Mario games have had it. This would make sense for a new game as well, especially considering how much of a focus on multi-player experiences the reveal trailer had.


We also see familiar Mario enemies like Bullet Bill. We see Mario running through golden rings to unlock some sort of mini challenge.

Not a lot of information to go off of. It does look very much like a Mario game we’ve come to expect. It looks really good in motion. We’ll keep you up to date on any info we get regarding the game, and of course, any information regarding Switch as we get closer to the system’s launch.

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