Mario Kart 8 Tops 8 Million Units Sold

Mario Kart 8

There’s a reason I’m not an analyst. I can’t predict what’s going to happen in the world of video games. I don’t think anyone can. Before the game came out I predicted, based on the current sales figures for Wii U at the time, that the game would sell around 1.5 million units. Boy, was I wrong.

Nintendo has announced that that the game has topped 8 million units worldwide. With a total install base of 13 million units that’s a pretty impressive number. No other game on Wii U has come close to selling that many units. It proves just how popular the Mario Kart series is. It’s also been the best attaching game in the series as a whole. Previously that title was held by Mario Kart Wii which was owned by over 34% of Wii owners. Mario Kart 8 currently holds over a 60% attach rate, meaning nearly 2/3 of all Wii U owners have a copy of the game. That’s pretty impressive.

We also know that there is a future for the game, courtesy of the recent reveal of Nintendo Switch. What exactly the future holds for Mario Kart is still up for debate, but I don’t think this franchise is going anywhere any time soon.

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