Beautiful Minecraft Now On Sale

Minecraft has been the outlet for a huge amount of creativity.  There have been so many creative builds from recreations of famous sports venues to popular science fiction spacecraft or 1:1 recreations of real-world cities.

This new book, called Beautiful Minecraft, puts together a selection of some very impressive Minecraft builds.  They’re built mostly on PC with the help of third party programs to help generate large chunks of the sculptures/landscapes, but they’re all impressive to look at.  Each of the photos is shown in high resolution, some of them look like they’ve leapt off of the screen and into real life.  Some of them look like screenshots from other games, built in Minecraft.  There are statues of huge dragons, sculptures based on intense study of human anatomy and some very incredibly detailed landscapes that would take you months to explore every nook and cranny of.  Each picture also has a caption telling you who built the creation, how many blocks were used in the construction and how long they took to build.

You can find the book online or at Barnes & Noble.  It’s called Beautiful Minecraft by James Delaney.  I’ve included some pictures here to see examples of what you’d see in the book.  If you have any Minecraft builds you’d like to show us you should send those along.  We’d love to look at them.


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