Nintendo Showing Off Switch to the Public After Reveal

Nintendo will be officially revealing all of the information about Nintendo Switch on January 12, at 11:00pm EST. Beginning the next day, January 13th, they will embark on a tour around the country designed to show the system off to the public and let people get their hands on it themselves. This tour will span six cities across the US and Canada. Each stop will last for three days. During the first two days of each stop the system will be shown at invite-only events, but the last day of each stop will be open to the public. During that time you’ll get to have some hands on time with the system to see exactly what it offers.

The full list of cities and dates is:

  • New York – Jan. 13-15
  • Toronto – Jan. 27-29
  • Washington, DC – Feb. 10-12
  • Chicago – Feb. 17-19
  • San Francisco – Feb. 24-26
  • Los Angeles – March 3-5

The hands on time promises that fans will get to experience Switch in unique areas that “highlight the different ways Nintendo Switch can be played”. In addition to these tour stops Nintendo will be showing off Switch at public events like PAX South in San Antonio, PAX East in Boston and SXSW in Austin. You’ll have plenty of different opportunities to see the system in action before its scheduled launch in March.

We’ll keep you up to date on any other times you’ll be able to see Switch in person here.

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