Southwest Passengers Receive Surprise From Nintendo

Nintendo is once again getting into the holiday spirit by surprising airline passengers with free gifts delivered by Santa Mario. This year it happened on December 14th. Passengers on flight #2482 received a surprise shortly after takeoff. Once they were up in the air Mario’s voice came over the intercom and passengers were given the gift of a free New 3DS XL and a copy of Super Mario Maker.

Youtube celebrity iJustine was also on the flight and helped passengers create and share levels with each other. The flight landed in Los Angeles and Mario greeted the passengers at the airport gate as they got off the plane.

This won’t be the only time that the company hands out gifts for the holidays. It’s the first part of a promotion that Nintendo is calling Say Yes to Nintendo 3DS. Between December 16th and January 14th Nintendo will be giving away prizes to people. One grand prize includes a trip to New York, a hotel stay for four and a shopping spree at their Nintendo NY store. If you’re interested in registering to win you can head over to

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