New Dragon Quest XI Footage Shown Off By Square Enix

I will just eat up any new information about the Dragon Quest series that you give me.  Square Enix showed off some new parts of Dragon Quest XI earlier today.  First was the introduction video from the game.  Here you’ll get to see many of the playable characters in action, a couple of different interactions with the hero and what I can only assume is the main villain of the game.  It looks phenomenal.  Check it out.

After that the company showed off some in-game footage from both the PS4 and the 3DS versions of the game.  The overworld in the PS4 game just looks brimming with life.  There are monsters everywhere.  What was interesting was that none of them really seemed to want to bother the hero.  I don’t know if that was just for this or if there will be some specific way to interact with them.  I also really liked the moment when the hero saw a slime walking past.  He looked down and followed the slime as it crossed his path.  It was a small touch, but one that hasn’t really been present in the game before. I really like the new mounted mechanic.  I’m very interested in seeing just how that will work in game.

The 3DS version also looks really good.  It looks like an improvement over the engine that’s powering the two most recent games to be on 3DS.  Right now it’s showing the 3D version of the game on the top screen and the 2D Version of the game on the bottom.  Both of them look really good and I’d be interested in playing the game from either viewpoint.

The one thing neither game shows off that I’m really wanting to see is the battle system.  I want to see what’s the same and what’s changed from previous games.  Here’s the video for your enjoyment.

The information that’s come out about this game has me very intrigued.  We’re going to see some sort of continuation to a previous story as the hero appears to be wielding the Sword of Edrick.  Just how this game will tie into previous entries is still unknown. I’ll definitely be keeping you up to date with any new information that comes out.

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