Seasons of Heaven Reveal Trailer

Seasons of Heaven was first officially unveiled a couple of weeks ago with a short trailer and some brief information about the game. Today the developers, Any Arts Productions, have released the first full reveal trailer for the game.

This game, which for now is a Switch exclusive and based on a book, runs on the Unreal 4 engine. The trailer starts off with the sounds of a hear monitor and a heartbeat, which suddenly goes still. From there you are treated to some spectacular looking vistas showing off just how pretty this game is going to be.

You play as a young boy who is accompanied throughout the adventure by a small, black dog. There is no real combat to speak of, but there are plenty of places where creatures that you can probably expect to be harassed by are shown. The boy has to help the dog get around and in turn there are places it looks like you’ll be controlling the dog because the boy can’t fit into those places, hinting at possible co-op or just times where you alternate back and forth between the two characters.

I’ve reached out to the developers of the game to talk with them more about the game. It looks very, very pretty and I’m interested personally in hearing a little more about what players can expect. I’ll let you know if we can get a chance to speak with them.

Until then watch this trailer. No release date has been announced as of yet.

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