2016 Year In Review – Shannon’s Top 10 Games

As we sit in the final week of the year, it’s time to look back and reflect on everything I’ve put my hands on throughout 2016. There’s quite a mixture of things to run down in my list and at least one good suggestion for any reader out there. Sit back, relax and judge me as I run down my top 10 games played in 2016.


10. Inside My Radio (PS4)

Starting things off with a super hip hybrid rhythm platformer that takes you through some awesome musical styles giving you control of the instrumentals in similar fashion to that of Sound Shapes. It’s a quick but memorable play though that I can see myself doing again next year.


9. Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

I would still consider myself a noob in the way of Monster Hunter but even a noob can recognize when a franchise puts out something awesome. Generations takes the best parts of previous games in the series and smashes them together to make an awesome ‘greatest hits’ of sort. I just wish it came out at a better time in the year to provide me with more time to have played it…


8. Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel (PS4)

Not exactly sure what to say here, It’s the best fighting game I’ve played all year on multiple levels. It’s a crazy fast anime fighter with tons of anime chicks and some cute kitty cats. Before you ask, yes, I played SFV and yes, I think Nitroplus Blasterz is a better game…


7. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (PS4/Vita)

Yep, another game in the Project Diva series came out this year and it’s a lot of fun! The song selection isn’t as strong as F or F2nd but the new mashups, improved interface and addition of story mode were all welcome additions to the series. If you haven’t played a Project Diva game before, you’re never really done with them… That said, I’ll defiantly be picking it up again in the future.



6. LEGO Dimensions: Year 2 (PS4)

This one is a little complicated as there wasn’t a proper new title released in this franchise but rather they decided to release a whole bunch of new coated tied to physical LEGO packs. From a Adventure Time and Sonic The Hedgehog Level Packs to a Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts Story Packs and E.T. and A-Team Fun Packs, LEGO Dimensions has seen a TON of new content added that just expanded the universe with even more awesomeness for kids of all ages!


5. Museca 1+1/2 (Arcade)

This is a first for me, never before has an arcade machine left such an impression that earned it a spot in my top 10. I have had multiple privileged moments to sit in front of one of these beautiful cabinets and every time has been filled with joy as I tapped, spun and stomped my way though some high-octane tracks. I’m literally jonesin’ for my next trip to Dallas when I can play this game again!


4. Destiny (PS4)

Though first person shooters are not my personal forté, Ethan felt the need to bless (or curse) me with a copy of Destiny as a Christmas gift in 2015. Since then, I’ve sunk TONS of time into this game’s world as I worked with him, Stuart and Jason to defend the planets from the forces of darkness.


3. Pokémon Moon (3DS)

Pokémon Sun & Moon have not only taken my heart by surprise but also the hearts of millions of 3DS owners across the world! With their change to the standard format set out in previous games as well as a new day/night cycle and other interface improvements, they truly are the best the franchise has had to offer yet!


2. Ni No Kuni (PS3)

Yes, this game was on my 2013 Year In Review but at that point I had barely scratched the surface of what this game had to offer. Some call it cheating, I call it giving a great game another shot… Ni No Kuni has been my main time sink for the last few months as I’ve had my sights set on the coveted platinum trophy it has to offer.


1. Rhythm Tengoku: The Best + / Rhythm Heaven Megamix (3DS)

I will start off by saying this game is both the highlight and top disappointment of my whole year. I have been a fanboy of the Rhythm Tengoku / Rhythm Heaven series for years and have both imported every Japanese release as well as purchased the North American releases when they eventually hopped the sea. However, this time we saw The Best + get she short end of the stick as it was stuck into an eShop exclusive role when it released here in North America as Megamix. I am both super happy with every moment I’ve spent in the game in both forms (Japanese and NA) but still SUPER bummed out that I can no longer display every release on my bookshelf. That aside, the game is AMAZING no matter what release you play, it’s an awesome collection of the best micro-rhythm games from past releases as well as some really inventive new ones. The game also added some really useful function to the touch screen to help with timing and a trophy room that left me constantly motivated on perfecting everything so I could fill it’s shelves.



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