2016 Year in Review

Ethan made a list for 2016

2016 showed up and is now almost over and I made a top ten list. Enjoy.


  1. Kirby Planet Robobot

If I told you there was a Kirby game that allows Kirby to get in the pilot seat of a robot that had the same abilities as Kirby then you probably didn’t know about this game. I honestly went into Planet Robobot expecting exactly what the game had to offer with basic platforming and hidden collectables here and there. While it is the basic formula for a Kirby game I did enjoy the twist that came at the end with the Gurren Lagann style boss fight. I would really have liked to see more from this game but I still had fun and always look forward to more Kirby.


  1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

Imagine a courtroom where defense lawyers are nonexistent because spirit seances are used as a means to declare who is guilty or innocent. That basically sums up the plot for the most recent Phoenix Wright game and it was an interesting twist that actually got stale after a while. While the setting man be in a different country with a completely different culture I was happy to see Phoenix back in the courtroom once again. I do enjoy finding contradictions in testimonies as well as presenting evidence or just hearing Phoenix yell “OBJECTION!” and striking his pose.


  1. Job Simulator

The first game I went out of my way to play when the PSVR came out was Job Simulator because I believe it to be one of the best ways to introduce people to VR. The ability to be in a specific environment and able to interact with almost everything in arm’s reach is rare in a lot of games. From standing around a cubical dual wielding staplers to being a chef making soup out of nontraditional ingredients, there are loads of fun in each of the scenarios.


  1. Dragon Quest Builders

Take one part Minecraft and like two parts Dragon Quest and you might have Dragon Quest Builders. I found myself drawn to this game after playing the demo and felt a need to see how much more is in the full version. I eventually got the full game and it took a while but I finished chapter 1 but I did that and I will eventually return to this game and finish it which is more than what I can say about the main Dragon Quest series, not because they’re bad but because I just have trouble enjoying them. The best part about this game is I do not have to play the original series to enjoy the story.


  1. God Eater 2/God Eater Resurrection

My reasons for loving the God Eater series started when I learned that there was a monster hunter style game that was more anime and post future apocalypse. The original God Eater was released on the PSP in Japan and the US had to wait until God Eater Burst before it was localized. After a long time of seeing God Eater 2 things and no word on a US release I had almost given up hope until there was a localization announcement for God Eater 2 for PS4 and it included the HD remake of the first game with added content. It was a great experience for me to finally be able to play this series with friends for the first time and finally see the ending to the Burst story line that I was unable to accomplish on my own.


  1. Watch Dogs 2

Most of us can probably recall that time Ubisoft showed off Watch Dogs at E3 before the launch of the PS4 and how great it looked for a new IP to be thrown out there and surprise everyone. Then the game was delayed and then it came out and was not as good as it used to be and wasn’t that fun of an experience. Watch Dogs 2 was something I was sceptical about trying but after seeing the footage a few times of what the game play will be and how the story would probably go I was willing to give it a try and Im happy I did. While it is far from perfect it does manage to improve on what the first game was lack which was fun with hacking and friends that were interesting to have conversations with.


  1. Dark Souls 3

Like the previous entries in the Souls series Dark Souls 3 brought with it new traps and frustrations. Seeing a world on the brink of collapsing and full of monstrosities standing between you and an ending is what the series is known for but DS3 managed to take that formula and make it even more twisted. Whether its facing new challenges just to be blown away by a dragon or to face against a group of small frys just to have one of them morph into a hideous black blob Dark Souls 3 is full of surprises and I will return to playing it once more DLC is out.

  1. Final Fantasy XV

Imagine you’re on a road trip with three of your best friends. Now imagine that you are on that same road trip and going to meet up with your fiance. Now imagine all that but in the world of Final Fantasy. I actually had FFXV on my list this high up around a week before the game was even out. I knew I would spend a lot of time with it after the experience I had with Episode Duscae. There is just something about driving a car around a world map with the radio on and seeing four friends on a journey that draws me to this game. Whether I’m off grinding for experience and gil, fishing, racing chocobos, or just playing pinball its great to know that I have three in game friends that will actively make anything I do better. I wouldn’t mind having more party members to switch out but then I might start missing my old buddies or I would feel bad replacing the old buddies with new ones. I honestly feel that Final Fantasy XV is the best road trip simulator ever.


  1. Another Metroid 2 Remake

As one of the many people that never finished Metroid 2 because the lack of a map, same looking environments, and stuck with such a small screen for a Game Boy game I was excited to try AM2R. The day this fantastic remake came out I had it downloaded and started playing it. Then Nintendo sent in a DMCA takedown notice or something and I was sad to see this project was more or less destroyed for future updates and content. I had an idea to try to get the developer of AM2R to be a guest on Data Drain so I sent him an email and was surprised when Milton Guasti replied agreeing to be on the show and I highly recommend going and listening to Data Drain episode 22.




1.Monster Hunter Generations

MHG was an homage to previous games in the series using various locations and monsters. Along with the familiarity of old areas and monster was the addition of styles that added to combat in new ways such as a focus on aerial combat, countering, or something that will compliment your play style. You can now play as one of your beloved Palicos as well and go on missions that are specific to palicos. While MHG has a single player mode the series shines brightest when played online with friends to gain better gear and develop a better understanding of the monsters’ tactics. I really need to get the group back together some time to do some hunts because it is always a fun and challenging experience.

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