Yacht Club Games Announces Tons Of Updates

Shovel Knight is a great throwback to platformers of old. If you haven’t played it let me editorialize for a moment. You should probably play it. It’s really good. Really, it is.

Now, with that out of the way let’s get to the news regarding Shovel Knight. Anyone that’s purchased the game in the past has gotten a bunch of free updates, including a separate campaign for villain Plague Knight. You’re going to be getting a new campaign for free in the future called Specter of Torment. Keep in mind, if you’ve bought Shovel Knight in the past you’ll get this for free. If you haven’t we’ve got some news for you. You’ll be able to get all of these campaigns for one price in a package called Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. This update to the game will happen soon and the price will go up for people purchasing the game in the future, if you buy this package. Developer Yacht Club Games have not announced the date for this change or the price for the full package yet, but it will be some time in the Spring. We’ll give you those details when they’re announced. Oh, and during their announcement of this they announced the game will be coming to Switch at some point this year. It will also be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac/Linux.

shovel-of-hope-logoThe original Shovel Knight game will be getting a new name and logo. It will be called Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope. You will be able to purchase this game separately as a stand alone package. The other two campaigns Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment will also be available as stand alone games. This will allow you to grab these for a lower price, but you’ll only have access to those campaigns. You’ll have to buy Treasure Trove to get them all in one package.

That’s not all the Shovel Knight news either. There are still two new games coming, a stand alone campaign for King Knight and Battle Mode. This new mode will allow up to four players to play against each other. Current owners of Shovel Knight will get both of these packages for free, but they will also be available stand alone as well. Note that Battle Mode will not be available for 3DS or Vita, only consoles and PC.

Wait, there’s more. The Body Swap Mode that was promised for the game is complete and release is coming soon. Here’s a quick look at Shovel Knight and Shield Knight in the body swapped forms.

Shovel Knight Body Swap.png

Wait, there’s still more. Two player co-op for Shovel Knight’s campaign mode is coming as a free update tot he game for console and PC. 3DS and Vita owners will not be getting this mode. The Shovel Knight amiibo will not be required to access this mode. It will be available as a new setting in the game. So get ready to play through the game with a friend.

That just about does it for the Shovel Knight news. Lots of new stuff coming and if you already own the game it won’t cost you a penny more. If you haven’t played it now would be the perfect time to grab it before the price goes up so you’ll get all of these updates for free.

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