Yakuza 0 Sidequests Filled With Heartfelt Moments

Yakuza 0 tells the story of two different men, Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. They’re men who lead similar, yet very different lives from each other. During the course of the game you’ll come across different people on the streets who need your help. These sidequests will show you a different side of the two men.

For example in this 12 minute long quest Kiryu helps a small child who’s been standing in line for hours waiting to buy a new video game, called Ara-Q3. It’s going to be the best video game ever, according to the child. You come across this kid, who you’ve seen earlier in the game standing in line waiting for the game, only now he’s crying. When Kiryu approaches him he learns that the kid had his game stolen from him moments after buying it. He’d saved up his money for a very long time to buy that game and he’s understandably very sad.

You can choose which sidequests to do and which ones you’ll skip. This one involved a little kid. I couldn’t let him stand there and be sad. This quest takes you on a series of encounters where each person has the video game stolen from, each one getting g a little further up the food chain of toughness before them leading up to an encounter with a low-level Yakuza whom you finally acquire the video game from.

All of this leads to a very touching moment, one I could see coming about halfway through the quest, but it was still worth getting that video game back for the kid. It might even lead to a touching moment between a father and a son.

These side quests all have very touching and emotional ends to them, at least all the ones I’ve done so far. Many of them have very cheesy moments, but each of them makes the people involved better for having experienced them. I’m very interested to see where things go as I get further in the game.

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