Details Emerge For Fire Emblem Mobile Game

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I first heard that Nintendo was going to be making a Fire Emblem game on mobile devices. It seemed, to me, of all of Nintendo’s properties one of the ones best suited for the touch style interface of modern smart devices. The game is controlled by menus and grids. No need for twitch controls or tactile feedback. It’s perfect.

Nintendo yesterday showed off the first footage of their upcoming game in the series, now titled Fire Emblem Heroes, which will be heading to Android first on February 2nd. An iOS release will come after that. So what exactly can we expect when the game finally launches? Here’s what we know based on the almost 10 minutes of footage that they showed off.

The game is an original story, not based off any existing game in the series. The Emblian Empire and The Askran Kingdom are at war. You’ll take control of characters throughout the history of the series, who will be transported to this world and you’ll battle for the fate of the world. You’ll use resources at hand to summon new characters into battle and summoning multiple characters at a time appears to give you discounts on how much it takes to summon them.

The game play takes place on familiar tiled maps, but ones that are scaled down to fit on mobile phones. The art style is a little more cartoonish, and chibi than we’ve seen in the past. All of the characters have had new dialogue recorded.

The game will be available to download for free, but will include some in-app purchases. Nintendo has also said that there will be free and regular updates after the game’s launch. In order to prepare you for the launch of the game Nintendo has created a website and event. It’s called Fire Emblem Heroes: Choose Your Legend. You can visit and choose the character from all the games in the series’ past that you’d like to see make an appearance in the game. The top vote getters for male and female characters will be featured in special in-game events. If you’re a My Nintendo member you’ll also get 200 platinum coins for voting in this event.

If you haven’t seen it yet here is the trailer showing off the game and everything you can expect to see.

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