WaterField Is Taking Input On Switch Cases!


WaterField is making not one, not two but three different cases for the Nintendo Switch and I’m pumped because they’re taking input from their customers on how to design them!

For those of you who haven’t heard about WaterField, they’re a San Francisco based company that makes durable, high-quality bags, cases, sleeves and other accessories for all types of tech. I personally own two of their cases, a City Slicker for my 3DS XL which has been in use for about three years and a Suede Jacket for my New Nintendo 3DS that I’ve had since January of 2016.


As an adult who wants to care for my belongings, a case for my gaming devices is a must but I’ve always had trouble finding ones that didn’t look as if they were designed for a grade-schooler. When I originally ran across the City Slicker, I was drawn in by the leather design and extensive function that it came with in way of a zippered pouch and dedicated game pockets. It’s outer appearance made me feel as if I could leave it on my desk and not have to worry about judgment from my peers like I would with a neon, neoprene case from Walmart.


When I purchased the New Nintendo 3DS and realized that my City Slicker was too large for it, I knew just where to go and came across a more minimalist design with the Suede Jacket. The mesh pouch on the outside allowed me just enough space for some extra games and a pair of headphones, tube of chapstick or a USB charging cable while still providing the daily protection I wanted.

Now that the Nintendo Switch is on the horizon, I began looking for something that will protect it while still providing enough function to keep me using it daily. To my joyous surprise, WaterField has a dedicated page to the upcoming cases they’re designing as well as some video updates and a survey that you can fill out with opinions what you’d want from their designs.

Nintendo Switch – https://www.sfbags.com/pages/waterfield-nintendo-switch-case
3DS City Slicker – https://www.sfbags.com/products/nintendo-3ds-xl-cityslicker-case


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