Giga Wrecker Review (PC)

Game Freak makes more than just Pokemon for Nintendo. It has also made Drill Dozer (Tony highly recommend this game. You should play it.), HarmoKnight, Tembo the Badass Elephant, Pocket Card Jockey, and their newest non-Pokemon title, Giga Wrecker.


Giga Wrecker had its full released on February 6, 2017 after being in Steam Early Access since August 2016. It is currently only available on Steam.

In short, Giga Wrecker is a 2D puzzle platformer action adventure game.

Giga Wrecker takes place in apocalyptic world over ran by robots exterminating humans. You play as Reika a girl who almost dies and was saved by being turned into a cyborg with a bionic arm that can control debris via nanomachine. Utilizing this new gain power, Reika fights through evil robots and solving puzzles to save her broken world.


You have a bionic arm. With that bionic arm you smash small robots. With that same bionic arm, you have to ability to control debris via nanomachine. You take the remain of the small robot you smashed and use that to smash a slightly bigger robot. Then you take its remain and make a bigger debris ball and smash even bigger robots. You not only smash robots with your debris ball, you also make debris cubes to serve as weights and platforms, debris javelin to take out enemies from afar or platforms onto walls, and a debris drill so you can relive those Drill Dozer days with Jill. Kinda.

16790510_10212727973820509_1113237305_n“(Tony highly recommend [Drill Dozer]. You should play it.)”

Levels are separated into 5 blocks, the home block, the 3 main blocks then the final block (not shown) that lead to the finale of the game. Each block has its own unique boss fight. The fights are hard. You’re gonna die. A lot. But once you learn the mechanics of each fight, it’s a matter of rinse and repeat. If you decide to rage quit, there’s a handy save point right before the boss portal so you can return to your progress when you’re ready to try your hand again.


It may look like a Metroidvania-isk game with all the rooms and such but it’s less of Castlevania and more like 2D Portal (not the portal shooting but physics based puzzles rooms). The puzzles start off fairly easy to begin with and proceed to get much more challenging the further you go. With each room you unlock and proceed to complete, it fills out your map and give you new weapons and different skins for your weapon. Yes, you can throw out swordfishes and sharks.

sword and sharks.png

As you destroy enemies and blocks, you obtain crystals. For every 100 crystals, you get 1 skill point to use on the massive skill tree, investing in increase health capacity, health regeneration, or upgrades to your weapons. (Not shown is the massive expansion per weapon brings to the skill tree).


The art is gorgeous. Game Freak hired on Asagiri of TV Anime BUBUKI/BURANKI as the game’s graphic concept designer. Everything has a beautiful hand drawn look to everything: background, enemies, and the character portraits. The characters are cool; from the protagonist Reika to the boss of each blocks.


The music was produced by Shinji Hosoe, who’s work includes the Zero Escape series, Tekken, and No Game No Life. Fantastic music that greatly amplify the artwork done by Asagiri to bring the world to life as you explore and complete the puzzle presented to you in each room.

If you’re the creative type or want to play more of the game after the game, the game comes with a Level Editor so you can make your own Custom Campaign. With the Steam Workshop, it is easy to share your levels and to try other people’s level. There is an option to choose the difficulty of the levels you’re looking for and what kind of level you’re looking for.

Majority of the puzzles are very well done, but there are some that just aren’t enjoyable. Laser puzzles aren’t fun when the blocks that is supposed to direct the lasers can just be destroyed completely by accident when trying to chip it down to size and when the physics throws it a direction you didn’t want it to go and can’t replicate what you did by accident. And there’s one puzzle especially toward the end that will take many trial and error, but the just trying to get back to the trial and error part is very tedious and rather unnecessary. There are very few like that and mostly toward the end, majority of the puzzles quickly restarts and put you right back into the game so to not disrupt your momentum.

Giga Wrecker is a very enjoyable, frustrating, yet satisfying game. It shows that Game Freak CAN do more than just Pokemon. Currently only on Steam, I hope that it can make a debut on the home consoles for many more people to enjoy.

Four Stars

Play time: ~10 Hours 

Copy was bought through Steam. Played with a Dualshock 4

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