Pocket Rumble Is A Console Exclusive Fighter For Switch

Chucklefish Games is bringing three games from different developers to Switch. One of them was a Kickstarter project that was successfully funded. The game, called Pocket Rumble, is a 2D fighter that harkens back to old arcade fighters like Street Fighter, King of Fighters and others from SNK.

The game shows off really interesting 8-bit style visuals and will take advantage of many of the features unique to Switch. This will include HD Rumble that will vary based on how strongly the attacks against you will be. Weak attacks will feel very different from heavy or special attacks.

The fighting system is simplified from other, more complex fighters. Everything is based off of button combinations and timed presses. To do special attacks you’ll simply hold down two directional buttons and an attack button. All of the inputs will be identical for each fighter, while the special attacks those button combos do will vary. This means you’ll have a knowledge of every character from the get go, allowing you to choose your favorite and fight.

The game is set to be a Switch exclusive for consoles and will launch sometime in March.


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