Don’t Mess With Hylian Gardeners

I’m nearly 40 hours into my playing of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ve learned so much about the history of Hyrule, the story of Calamity Ganon, the four heroes and Princess Zelda herself. This game is all about the experiences that we all have, the characters we meet and the stories we get to share. Everyone’s experience will vary based on how they decide to play the game. What we do know is that Hyrule is full of characters. Let me share the story of Magda.

Breath of the Wild Hila Rao Shrine

This is the Hila Rao Shrine and as you can see someone has taken the time to plant a lot of very beautiful flowers around the outside of the shrine. That person’s name is Magda. She’s a woman who absolutely loves her flowers. She can feel what they feel, or at least wants you to feel what they feel. Whatever you do, don’t step on her flowers.  She’ll warn you the first time you do it.

Breath of the Wild Dont Hurt Flowers

Unless you’re very careful you’re going to continue to step on the flowers.  I tried using a tree to fly over the flowers and reach the shrine.  I accidentally stepped on the flowers.  I didn’t meant to.  I’m not heartless.  If you continue to step on the flowers, ruining her work, and hurting their small, colorful bodies she’ll just lose it.  This is what follows if you try her patience too much.

Breath of the Wild So Many Times

Breath of the Wild Lost Count

Breath of the Wild Dont Understand

She just wants you to understand what you’re doing.  Why can you not understand?  You’re dense.  You clearly don’t listen.  She just loses it.

Breath of the Wild Magda Scream

She begins running around in an uncontrollable rage, kicking up dust, and trampling her own flowers in the process.

Breath of the Wild Worked Day After Day

When she’s done, she just collapses.

Breath of the Wild Magda Falls Over

It’s over, right?  Not quite.

Breath of the Wild You Will Understand

Wait for it…..

Breath of the Wild Flowers Rage

From this point she charges at you, the screen goes black and all you hear is Link screaming.  A short, 5-10 seconds later the scene comes back up, she’s standing over against the tree like nothing has ever happened.  Whatever you do, don’t step on those flowers again.  You won’t like it.

I’m married to a gardener.  I myself do things in the garden.  I understand her pain.  Nothing is worse than tending to the small, blooming plants that are growing there in the ground just minding their business and then having someone trample all over them, damaging or even killing them in the process.

Thankfully, I did manage to get to the shrine by navigating her little, easy to complete maze.  I will never, ever make the mistake again of stepping on Magda’s flowers.


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