Final Fantasy XIV’s Free Trial Goes Unlimited – What You Can and Can’t Do

With the latest 3.56 Patch for Final Fantasy XIV, the game ready itself as it makes the transition to its newest expansion this summer, Stormblood. Available on June 20, 2017.

Also included in the patch, it removes the 14-day Free Trial limits. Now you can play to your heart content. Available on both PS4 and PC. (And PS3 till the release of Stormblood)

There are limitation to how much you can do such as:

  • Restricted to 8 playable characters, one playable characters per World (You really don’t need more than 1)
  • Level capped at 35, previously 20.
  • Capped amount of Gil (in-game currency) can be held.
  • Unable to use “shout”, “yell”, or “tell” in-game chat options
  • No access to the marketboard
  • Unable to sell items to the marketboard
  • Unable to trade with another player
  • Unable to creat/join a Free Company (Guild)
  • Unable to create Linkshell (Private chat servers), but can join one if invited
  • Unable to create parties, but can join one if invited or through the Duty Finder
  • Unable to progress past Floor 10 in the Deep Dungeon

While there are limitations, there are still numerous amount of content to do:

  • 20 Different Classes with their own respected quest lines (in FFXIV, you can play all the classes with one character)
    • 9 Adventurer classes
    • 8 Crafting classes
    • 3 Gathering classes
  • With the Level cap raised to 35, you can now experience the 10 Jobs that comes with each respective Adventurer class (Arcanist get two Jobs: Summoner and Scholar)
  • 8 Dungeons
  • 12 Guildhests; teaches mechanics that are usually seen in dungeons
  • 2 Primal boss fights
  • Take part in mini-games at the Gold Saucer including:
    • Triple Triad
    • Chocobo Racing
    • Lord of Verminion
  • Half of the base A Realm Reborn campaign

If you do decide to give it a try and don’t already have a server in mind, here are some unofficial servers per play style (keep in mind Data Centers to where you’re located):

  • Balmung – RP(Role-Playing)
  • Gilgamesh – Raid Oriented
  • Tonberry – Unofficial Australia/English JP
  • Zodiark – Very casual friendly
  • Moogle – Unofficial France/Decent Spanish Community
  • Shiva – Unofficial German

Most of those are heavily populated servers so getting in my be a bit rough. If you’re just looking for more an active server that you can get into, go to and scroll down to “REALM DISTRIBUTION (ACTIVE)” to have an idea of how populated each server is. You can transfer server later, but it does cost $18 to do so.

If you do decide that you like the Free Trial enough and want to buy the full game, all your progress will transfer over to the full game. (Note: A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood do require different licenses to access content per expansion. There is a “Complete Experience” edition that comes with both ARR and Heavensward in one package for $30 at time of writing.”)

Try it out today! >>> <<<


You can find me [Soluna Vanheart] off and on on Zalera (small casual server) til the release of Stormblood, then you can find me there all the time.

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