Ore Creative Becomes Nindie Developer, Bringing Ira to Switch

“A child reaches for the stars, burdened by circumstance. Folks chained by debt, indentured to the powers at large. The year is 1930, mankind is thrust to the stars following after a signal spanning the void of space and time itself.”

Yep. That’s enough to get me interested in your game. That’s the description of a new, upcoming game called Ira, from Chicago based developer Ore Creative. The developers just recently announced via Twitter that they’re working with Nintendo to bring the game to Switch. It will also be available on PC, Mac and Xbox One.

According to the game’s website you’ll navigate through serene, atmospheric 3D spaces as you explore multiple timelines for clues to shed light on a mystery. Dialogue trees allow you to immerse yourself in conversations and choices that echo across space and time. You’ll play the game from multiple perspectives, including the titular child Ira, as well as characters like the Ceo of Intele Co and the miners who work under him.

That’s really all I know about the game at the moment. Check out these screenshots and a teaser trailer for the game. I’ve reached out the developers for more information on the game.  You can find out more about the game by visiting the official website.

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