WaterField Design “CitySlicker” (Switch Case) Review

I’ve had a Nintendo Switch since launch and well over 90% of my play time with it has been on the go. That said, a functional, durable, good looking case was on my shopping list well before release.

Designed from the ground up by consulting the community and handmade in San Francisco, the CitySlicker offers everything you need to take and protect your Switch on a day to day basis. There’s also quite a bit of clever storage packed in to fit not just the Switch with Joy-Cons attached but also has room for two straps, five Switch game cards (or micro SD cards), and a stretchy mesh pocket on the back that I’ve been able to fit my USB-C cable, a 20100 mAh battery charger and headphones in with a little room to spare!


In terms of function, the main compartment has a super plush liner with microfiber facing the screen to provide scratch protection. There are two sturdy inserts that attach via Velcro inside the walls to provide protection for the analog sticks on each Joy-Con. The stretchy mesh pocket is a tight weave to protect it’s contents from scratches and there’s also a locking YKK zipper to make sure nothing falls out of it. The exterior is a combination of ballistic nylon for the sides and bottom and a thick, full grain leather flap to cover the front that attaches with some super tough, super neat magnetic snaps that also help protect the analog sticks by relieving pressure needed to close the case.


When it comes to durability, time will most definitely be the ruler here but I will say that in my three weeks with it so far, I’m impressed. I’ve taken it on my daily commute as well as on our vacation this past week and it doesn’t seem to be showing any wear yet. The ballistic nylon will most likely hold up to “new” quality while the leather flap will take the most wear and show some character in the coming years. Imagine your favorite belt, still holding your pants up but tells a story when you take a closer look at the leather.


As far as looks go, this is the most adult looking case on the market! Considering I’m 27, enjoy gaming and bring my Switch with me to work every day, it’s nice to have a case that looks mature. There are some pretty childish cases for game systems out there but the CitySlicker is NOT one of them! Its offered in a variety of leather colors (Black, “Grizzly” Brown, “Crimson” Red and Blue) that all match well with the black ballistic nylon and maintain a certain style that I appreciate.


The only downside to this case is it’s price. Though you are truly getting a premium product, it comes with a $79 price tag and may be hard for the average Joe to justify the purchase.


All in all, I’m very pleased with the CitySlicker. It’s truly the most high-quality, premium case you can find for the Nintendo Switch and I’m overjoyed to own one. Though the price may seem steep, they’re not cutting corners at WaterField Designs. Every inch of this case is top of the line, hand made in the USA and I can’t recommend it enough!

Click here for a piece from the development and production of the CitySlicker.

Click here to check out the CitySlicker over at SF Bags’ store.

Or you can check out this video for even more info about the CitySlicker:

This case was purchased by me at a 50% discount from SF Bags.

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