Astro Duel Coming to Switch Next Week

The Switch continues to build it’s already growing lineup of games. One way that this is happening is through independent developers releasing their games on the system. One game like this will be released next week on May 30th. It’s called Astro Duel Deluxe and it’s definitely a throwback to classic games like Asteroids, but with a twist. You and up to five of your friends are fighting against each other. Single screen, multi-player Mayhem on Switch, whether you’re on the TV or on the go. That’s what developer Wild Rooster is promising.

The game was originally released for the iPad back in 2014 and a standalone game followed in 2016 called Astro Party. Astro Duel was also released on Steam and now it’s coming to Switch. You can get your hands on it for $14.99 beginning on May 30th.

Check out this trailer for the game:

I’ve reached out to the developer for more information about the game

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