Vanquish On PC Is The Definitive Way To Play

Vanquish was originally released in October 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, doing what Platinum does best and infuses over the top crazy action with the third person genre, which by then has become tried and true with its corridor waist high cover based shooting. The fast paced, high octane, time slowing action brings something innovated to the Third person shooter genre. Along with its visual design and boss fights, Vanquish garnered much praises.


Over the top crazy action comes with the Platinum name, and so does weak writing and generally short games. If you’re looking for a fulfilling story with compelling writing, this is not the game for you. The story is adequate to get you along as you shoot up robots stylishly. The game is roughly ~4 hours long if you’re familiar with shooters and action games. While short, Platinum games have a lot of replay value.

7 years later, Vanquish makes its way to the PC platform via Steam. Those 7 years were absolutely worth the wait. Last month, SEGA released Bayonetta on PC to much praise. PC ports are usually in the category of “terrible,” “equivilant,” or “better in every way.” Bayonetta was in the latter category. Vanquish making its PC debut in the same category.

Vanquish released on PC with the usual graphical options: anti-aliasing, texture quality and filtering, shadow quality, SSAO quality, motion blur, VSync, open refresh rate, and resolution up to 4K+. Keybinds are all fully re-bindable. Language wise, the game include multiple languages for voices, messages, and interface, all interchangeable.


The PC port of Vanquish is absolutely the definitive way to play the game. The unlocked framerate frees the game from the frame dropping and screen tearing of the last generation. Anti-aliasing smooths out the shadows and the new texture quality makes the art direction of the game stands out even more. Playing Vanquish with a mouse and keyboard just feels so right. You can still play with a controller if you prefer.

SEGA breathing a second life into Platinum games is a trend I want to keep continuing.

Vanquish is out on Steam for $19.99.


Copy was bought through Steam.



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