AeternoBlade II Sneak Peek

Developer Corecell Technology is back once again with the development of Aeternoblade II. The sequel to a game they released on PS4, Vita and 3DS back in 2014. The first game was a nice side scrolling action game where you have the ability to manipulate time to your advantage. The new game takes that same basic mechanic, upgrades it some and brings the world into 3D with three different playable characters this time around.

Aeternoblade II StoryThe developers are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. They’re looking for $30,000 to finish up the project and as of the time of this writing have about two weeks left on the campaign. If their funding goal is reached they’ll be releasing the game on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Steam.

BernardThe new game features three new weapons called the AeternoBlade of the Past, Aeternoblade of the Present, and AeternoBlade of the Future. Each one has different abilities like the ability to reverse time, stop time, or create parallel versions of themselves respectively. Each of these weapons also have different styles of play based on the character wielding them.

According to the Indiegogo campaign page the developers are promising greater depth to the world, more variant types of puzzles than before, a quest system, and shops with upgradeable relics.

Aeternoblade II FrejyaIf you’re interested in the game check out their crowd funding page for more information. In the mean time here’s a sneak peek at the game with some background from the developers and a chance to see the game in action.

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