AtGames Announces New Plug & Play Systems

These aren’t the first types of devices like these on the market, but AtGames has announced that they’re going to be putting out brand new versions of the plug & play Genesis consoles that have been on the market before. Much like the NES Classic these systems come bundled with a selection of classic games and plug straight into your TV. Titles include Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Alex Kidd in the Enchanced Castle, Phantasy Star II, and Mortal Kombat II. Unlike the NES Classic, however, the console version of this system also includes a working cartridge slot where you could play your classic Genesis and Mega Drive games.

The Sega Genesis Flashback as they’re calling it contains 85 games as well as the cartridge port. It will include two wireless controllers, but will have the ability to plug in classic Genesis controllers as well. It will output to the TV in 720p through HDMI and will offer scan line filtering and a save/pause/rewind feature for games.

The Ultimate Portable Game Player will include those 85 games as well, but allow you to play them on the go. You can add additional games to the system through an SD card and it will include save game support for games like Phantasy Star. The system includes a rechargeable battery and a 2.8” display. For those who would like it will also plug into the TV through an optional cable.

A third Genesis system will be available at a slightly lower price (though pricing for all of these systems still has not been announced). It will include 81 games and a different form factor. It will include two wired controllers.

For those who like to go even more old school the company will also be offering a plug & play Atari system with two wireless controllers. It will include 120 games with titles like River Raid, Kaboom!, and Millipede. It will also output in 720p and include the scan line filtering and save/rewind features as well. There will also be a portable version of this system that features 70 built in games, rechargeable battery and 2.8” screen. This system will also connect to the TV.

All of these systems will be available later this year in the Fall. We’ll update you with more information throughout the year as pricing and availability are announced.

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